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We seek Ac Technician to perform on a commission-based basis or as a full-time job in Gujarat. Candidates should have two years—of previous experience in the air conditioning field. The hours of work are 9 AM to 7:30 PM. The applicant must go to Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Baroda, Ankleshwar, Nadiad and Surat to perform duties.

Ac Repair Price List (Air Conditioner Repair Service Cost in Vadodara, Gujarat) of AC Repair Service Notifications

It is crucial to remember it is true that all government organizations and big corporations hire engineers to fulfil their own needs. Big firms also employ engineering professionals to manage projects design, manufacturing, and engineering. If you’ve worked in any one of these areas, you could be looking forward to being employed as a technician in the field of air conditioners.

If you think that we can provide you with a job opportunity for your career and also want to work in the field of Air conditioning, then please send your CV with your experience and salary history to []

We will contact you as soon as it is possible.

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Ac Technician

Ac Repairs is a small growing company seeking experienced engineers in repairing and maintaining air conditioning units to add to their expanding workforce. More than one dozen branches across India, Ac Repairs has more than 500 employees that provide repair services for refrigeration systems, air conditioners, heating equipment, automotive components such as battery chargers, and other industrial machines. A typical salary for employees of all positions of 10K every Month. The company provides health insurance as well as 401(k) plans.

An AC technician is accountable for the entire electrical system, including its maintenance. AC Technicians are responsible for all aspects of the electrical system and its care. An AC technician is an engineer trained to install, service, repair, and maintain AC systems. Most of the time, the job requires a minimum of four years of experience in cooling, refrigeration, or heating units.

An AC Technician is also responsible for plumbing all systems and circuit diagrams, wiring plans, and diagrams.

Ac Technician Jobs in Ahmedabad.

Air Conditioner Technician Jobs in Ahmedabad.

Our company is among the most well-known Indian AC repair in Ahmedabad company. We are currently hiring AC Technicians for cities like:

* Vadodara

* Surat

* Jamnagar

* Rajkot

* Valsad

Ac Technician Jobs in Anand.

Some time ago, firms were looking for Air Conditioner Technician Ac Technician Jobs for Engineers in Gujarat. AC service in Anand company also offer commission-based work, and anyone is welcome to join us.

* Candidates should have ITI – REFRIGERATION and AIR CONDITIONING.

* Must have at least 1 to two years of experience in the same area.

* Job Timing: 09.30 AM to 7.30 PM.

* Salary: Rs.8000/- to 25000/-PM

Ac Technician Jobs in Vadodara

Jobs for technicians in the field of air conditioning in Vadodara are readily available throughout the metropolitan area. The job of an air conditioning technician is a demanding position. The training for apprentices takes place, and in the end, they become employees of the business concerned. As the name implies, they design and construct air conditioners and other valuable appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers. They also manage air conditioning systems as well as refrigeration equipment.

The job requires lots of work, exercise, and extended hours. They should be proficient in using manual tools and have excellent communication skills as they must communicate with people from across the globe.

Ac Technician Jobs in Bharuch

The chain of supermarkets Atlas Aircon, based in Bharuch, Gujarat, is seeking applicants for the technician position for Ac.

Candidates with solid math abilities and a solid understanding of AC repair in Bharuch are highly recommended. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills and knowledge of wiring diagrams and AC Repair Guidelines.

A test of aptitude will be administered to choose applicants.

Visit our website: Atlas Aircon.

Ac Technician Jobs in Surat

The field of ac technicians is becoming more lucrative over the past few years, and the demand for these jobs is increasing. It may seem that there are plenty of AC technicians in the market; however, you can’t enter any job and expect to be able to find one. Consider the extent to which your education and experience are enough to start you off on the right path.

The best way to better understand the subject is to do some research online before applying. If you’re unsure how you’ll fit into the overall picture, you can ask! Be sure to ask questions such as:

* What type of degree of training do I require?

* When can I be employed?

* What number of working hours will I get paid?

* What experience do I require?

If you’re looking to work on your own, you might be interested in starting the idea of a home business that’s capable of paying for the cost of your accommodation. Find out further about it in our post about creating a home business. Be aware that no matter how many technicians in the field are around the globe, it could take a while before they become billionaires or millionaires, particularly if they end in commission-based work. Contact the best AC repair company in Surat!

Salary Structure & Payment Options

The Indian Air Technician for Conditioners (ACT) is an entry-level job for technicians and engineers.

In India In India, the ACT is a well-known entry-level job for engineers who are trying to start their career and begin working in the area is Mechanical Engineering.

Employers are attracted to the ACTs because of their flexibility. It is possible to work with acquaintances, colleagues, or even your family members in a business you’re familiar with or one that you’d be happy working with within the near future at some point. That can make life more straightforward as you do not have to drive far distances to work. You can also start your day earlier than your colleagues.

The ACT is among the top jobs for fresh graduates or expert engineers looking to know more regarding this Mechanical Engineering world. It pays a decent amount, but it could be very different depending on the branch you are in. Specific departments such as Mechanics & Aerospace Engineering have more fantastic pay than others such as Electrical & Electronics Manufacturing. Still, most jobs never exceed the amount of Rs 8 lakhs.

In India, two kinds of Minimum Wages Ordinances provide minimum wages for workers with a skill set less than 20 years old, which varies in each state:

1.) Following the section 13A(2) (b) The Minimum Scale (also known as Wage) Act 1948, salaries are of at least 10,000 rupees monthly (excluding Superannuation Allowances);

2.) According to section 13B(1) Minimum Wage Act 1949, the minimum wage is not less than 10,000 rupees monthly (excluding Superannuation Allowances).

Below is the salary structure that includes payment options:

* Rs.10500/-

* Rs.12500/- (Pay Fixed or Pay Fixed + 10%)

* Rs.15000/- (Pay Fixed or Pay Fixed + 20%)

* Rs.20000/- (Pay Fixed + 25%)

* 12 months contract period (2 Months probation period)


The Air Conditioner Technicians (AT) are the ones that install, maintain, and repair air Conditioners within commercial and residential structures. They are accountable for the care and maintenance of the AC system (AC), ensuring it functions effectively, ensuring the correct functioning of its controls and different systems, and maintaining the proper humidity level.

AT’s work AT is a variety of work; however, it is generally the following:

1. Testing, inspecting and troubleshooting AC systems

2. Repair, installation, or replacement of condensate and air conditioner filters drain valves

3. Operating compressor units

4. Aligning air ducts and the ductwork to the building codes

5. Installing external humidifiers and dehumidifiers

One of the most frequent complaints from an engineer is that they don’t understand how to do their job. While the issue has been present since the beginning of time, maybe because it hasn’t had an official name, it’s recently taken off on an entirely new level: a tech-based explanation of being an engineer.

In a recent survey by Glassdoor, 68% of the respondents admitted that they didn’t know an engineer. Surprisingly just 23% of those who took part in the survey said, “I have been an engineer for at least ten years.”

It’s not surprising that people are utterly unaware of their tech peers’ part in the global economy, particularly in the case of very little interaction between the two.

The problem worsens when there are too few opportunities for scientists and engineers to collaborate to improve our world on a worldwide scale. Since large-scale collaboration takes place online and more companies start to offer remote work options, the gap between those who participate in things and those who don’t is growing more evident.

However, some firms are working to tackle this issue by offering engineers the chance to work in teams across departments or companies. An example is the Air Conditioner Technician Job For Engineers in Gujarat. We offer commission-based jobs, which means that anyone can join us.

* The candidate should be ITI-Refrigeration Air Conditioning.

* Must have at least 1 to 2 years of work experience in a similar area in Air Conditioner Repair Services.

* Job Timing: 09:30 AM to 7:30 PM

* Salary: Rs 8000 up to 25000/- per Month, based on previous experience.

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