Air Conditioner to get Cheaper as Government Launches new Projects

Air Conditioner to get Cheaper as Government Launches new Projects:

The New Cost/Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Systems in India.

Recent attempts of the Indian government, department of energy was taken to enhance the Indian power consumption level of the whole country by introducing power saving equipment for air conditioning systems and for the lighting among other things.

This shall provide cheap air conditioning systems for India at a cheap price.

The most important issue is that this shall be energy efficient for the room and assumed to reserve the Indian power consumption of energy.

Introduction To the Project

 The project aims to reduce the energy level being used through India, planning global warming potential reduction compared to the same ones in the industry, planning 15% energy savings for India’s power consumption.

Leaders of Indian’s industry sector giants held conference and meeting with the appropriate members to discuss possible trials that can be held to address this issue.

They gathered having an overview of the general end goals, aiming at the end to provide a working project that shall enhance India from the energy level and from the end user level.

India aims to get alternative sources of energy with more efficient ways to reduce pollution and expected to have more than 8 million USD revenue per year from this calculating the production in many areas that have a growing demand on the electricity.

The current Indian government is concerned with the sources for the energy where the power department showed trial for the reduction of power represented in led optimization.

The normal lighting systems shall have alternatives from other bulbs that use energy-saving standard, same way for the fans and air conditioning that can reduce the energy by more than 30 gigawatts in the three-year plan.

Energy Efficiency Services made comments about the project and the possible impact it can have on the production of energy in India by giving some estimation of the benefits in terms of current usage New Delhi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed the importance of such project on the national impact and the effect of saving energy using alternative climate-friendly sources, especially in fossil-related fuel problems and their effects on the economy in general.

The reduction in cost either for the users or for the estimated reduction in production cost can be estimated to have a reduction of around 4 rupees for each kilowatt for normal usage hour of operation.

Another trial for the led systems is expected to reduce billions of kilowatts per hour of operation per year, yielding overall billion of reduction of a kilowatt of hour operation reduction, estimating another reduction of the air conditioning systems project that would have a significant impact on the cost savings for the energy.

This can be a general plan checking all the sources that can be used to cut or reduce the consumption of power and energy.

Global Warming Potential (GWP):

 GWP is a known measurement of the amount of heat in the surrounding environment trapped by gas.

It is relating this to carbon dioxide can be a measurement to be used in industry standards for the emission rate.’ Generally, it related to the infrared radiation, material wavelengths, and the atmosphere surrounding.



 Refrigerants are equipment used in the HVAC industry to operate the heating/air conditioning.

They show an advantage when it comes to the term: global warming potential (GWP).

Refrigerants For Air Refrigerants for Air -Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

 Reduce the emission of CO2 and HFCs that can harm the environment. Relate the Gas to CO2 process with GWP equal one reserving the climate change issues on some moderated values.

This is an energy efficiency scheme having Condensing control over the prohibition of F-gases radiation yielding an accepted result of performance in terms of air conditioning performance yet preserving the energy from being radiated in the wrong way.

Indian Energy Goals

 There are many trials to depend on fuel and different sources of power consumption to enhance the development of energy infrastructure and add more production to the IT section, new regulations were discussed to accelerate the growth of the energy production and saving by using different materials and means of coal and oil even the latter is imported which add pressure to the foreign currency limits that the central bank may allow.

Different trials to find alternative ways to produce the energy were handled.

This project being addressed here is trying to reduce the power from the air conditioning systems by introducing systems that are energy saving in the first place.

Handling enough demands of energy shall fuel the current Indian government for more production and more growth in the industry in many fields.

While trying to make such resource it tries also to reduce the demand on the underlying infrastructure to reduce the power consumption of them.

Many discussions and deals being addressed by the Indian government related to the Energy supply and Oil import, but still, it’s being treated as demanding issue of the current Indian government.

Indian Climate Goals

 With the ongoing rapid growth in alternative sources of energy in India with the addressed issues above about traditional sources of energy, many projects and production lines demand more energy from the government.

In Oct 2016 India signed the Nationally Determined Contribution to reducing the emissions level by 33% to 35% by 2030 ensuring to keep it under 2005.

This shall help to increase the amount of alternative power generation sources by more than 40% from the same year and to reduce the emission of CO2 below 3 GtCO2e.

This adds India goals and clear goals in the area of generating energy sources from climate-friendly sources associated with their climate plans are at the least aim to limiting warming to below 2°C as a general plan in the agreement if the rest of the members to handle their parts in this agreement.

The Projects Details

 Different products for air conditioning systems are moving away from hydrofluorocarbon with high GWP toward more climate-friendly alternatives. Equipment like R-290 and R-32 where they are Hydrocarbons and the former known as Propane for R-290 with halogen zero emission and friendly to the ozone in terms of global warming potential, with their high-energy efficiency and the fact they are hydrocarbons.

They were treated as resources for this project where many factors in terms of safety were deployed and have significant importance, especially in Indian where many depend on them as a source for AC.

They are being handled by industrial entities Godrej & Boyce and Daikin.

With an estimated number of 5 million air conditioning system surrounding India, leaving around 9.7 million air conditioning systems in reaching more than half the demand of energy use in Mumbai and New Delhi where these cities frequently exceed 40°C in summer.

It is estimated that the energy demand of 46 gig watts by 2020 and 143 GW by 2030.

With several current power cuts occurring during peak times in summer in India, Minister Piyush Goyal of the Energy Department made the project to end this shortage and have a solution for it.

The air conditioning systems have been significant competition for the growth of production.

Many trials were made to reduce the energy demand in-room AC while reserving the climate conditions.

The new regulations shall bring new measurements for the export for commercial usage.

As industry received 87.47 million for the production of CFCs.54 while making, the human resource as ways to enhance the infrastructure to enhance the transition to this new technique that shall save grow of energy demand for current air conditioning systems by 2,887% from 2010 to 2030.

Environmental Effects

 India made an agreement on 2008 to handle the climate problems by going to the renewable source targeting in 2017: 27.3 GW from the wind, 4 GW from the solar energy, 5 GW from biomass and 5 GW from other renewable sources.

Planning in 2022 that these numbers and sources shall grow.

For the solar part, the Indian government announced that it has planned for the solar power to reach for every home by 2019 and that it is planning to have investments of around 25 solar parks that can have climate-friendly and provide a good supply of the power and energy generated on India.

For the Wind part, the Indian government announced that it has planned for the Win power to reach for production of 50,000 to 60,000 MW by 2022 that can have climate-friendly and provide a good supply of the power and energy generated on India.

For the cool part, the Indian government announced that it has planned for the solar power to reach large numbers and it was noted the taxes related to it was doubled more than once during the government try to use it as an alternative source of energy, that can have climate-friendly and provide a good supply of the power and energy generated in India.

For the vehicle part, the Indian government announced standard and new regulation for new vehicles that shall be implemented by April 2016 trying to control the fuel consumption and have 4.8 liters per 100 kilometers by 2021-2022, a 15 percent improvement that can have climate-friendly and provide a good supply of the power and energy generated in India.

Enhancement Review Points For The Indian Project

  • Seeking support from Montreal Protocol can be an important factor, where it’s an international agreement to protect the stratospheric ozone layer; it states that the production and consumption materials that affect ozone in the stratosphere like carbon tetrachloride are to be phased out. India could utilize this protocol to leapfrog to get alternatives for their problems rather than waiting for industry solution to the problem that may be profit based or takes too long to be in production.
  • Apply local research environment for Indian researchers to implement ideas on the R-30 and R-29 equipment that would be used to help the transition to the climate model while keeping the small cost. This in itself shall bring new innovative ideas and companies to deal with the government, which is a good start for more future work in the same related areas.
  • Checking alternatives source for production away from the large companies where what is needed at this stage is a design of working air conditioning compliance with the climate rules and the energy need. The manufacturer shall be done in India itself under the government control which shall add storm of investment and industry experience in the Indian and enhance to open new markets for them. Keeping in mind the nature of the country that is known to their own citizen and that can be helped as very efficient criteria when making a very optimizing design. The change of thermal degrees during the day and the preferred configuration that would allow the Indian engineers to come with the best configuration for the needed system.
  • Recycle old air conditioning systems that are not compliant with this project in India under the review and support from the government to be replaced with the new climate and energy efficient ones. Yet with comfortable payment methods and value suitable for the citizen. Using older air conditioning units as export to other parts or to be taken into more industrial production as smaller units either as spare parts or leave this with the research team responsible for the project. The important thing to have everything covered and optimized for better usage of the system.
  • Adopting and making clear standard and regulation for large-scale HVAC and air conditioning and find the most efficient energy saver way for them. This shall include factories and data centres that demand the most of energy in India.
  • Open new trial to bring investment for establishing data centres and similar industries in India, using this project as a way to market future benefits that India can provide to the investment in its region. Providing low taxes and low electricity bills to the investor can always be a great way to get its attention to the country, for the investor to make a profit he needs to make sure the energy demand shall be provided and shall be stable. With the current situation, this may not be the case, but with the implementation of this project, an investment with the right government welcome shall be an important direction to follow. Opening areas for new production for the Indians to work and refresh their economy more.
  • Encourage the research into alternative sources of energy where the Sun and solar power shall be checked and the ability to produce energy from the sun where it’s a renewable source of power and style climate and environment-friendly. Such trials can cost initial cost for the projects and equipment required for the research, but the result can have a significant impact on the country’s energy supply and the production along with a reduction in fossil fuel current costs and problems. The sun and environment are filled with things that can be used to generate the needed power. We just don’t see them. We need to apply research and work for this. Indian have enough human power where they can be employed in government trying to have an especial focus on generating the energy from renewable source costumed to India too at relatively low cost.
  • Investment shall be a challenge for India right now. Indian government shall call for new investment for the new generation of projects. Provide encouraging programs for investors to use the new energy and economic system. Encouraging investment in the area of energy production and alternative sources of power. Depending on India landscape and the nature in it to make use of it, not just optimize or wait for research results, rather have an approach to get investment in the needed area without much effect on the economy or the taxes paid. The image of India shall be changed to a civilized country that cares about climate and the soling fuel problem as an industry need.


Benefits On Different Scales:


  • This project shall enhance the comfort of Indians by providing air conditioning systems with affordable prices. This shall have a significant impact on the daily life in India, where citizen shall feel comfort at their homes and at work and the usage of these systems shall be affordable, which should bring new national impact on the Indian to work better to get more growth for the government and for their country.
  • This shall encourage research and investment in India, and shall move India to follow the new model that it took the lead for it by generating its own power and energy and not relying on any agreement or import to get the demand it needs from the energy.
  • This project shall refresh the industry of AC and air conditioning, and all related sub-industries included in this area as new techniques shall be adapted to enhance the power consumption and try to optimize the design to reduce the client’s costs.
  • It shall open the place for new innovative ideas and engineering ideas to be implemented from different sectors to enhance the national project since it has a national impact on the country and the economy. This shall enhance the research in India in the next period and allow many startups to be established competing with existing current giants in the industry, providing solutions and small design ideas and implementation that shall help the project.
  • This project can enhance the underlying structure of India. This can be achieved by having gradually built for the India infrastructure of the in the industry and in the production lines and in energy demanding industry, all having new and climate-friendly compliance working structure that can be used to build more without affecting the surrounding environment nor the country supply of energy. The infrastructure shall include normal housing with more efficient and climate-friendly air conditioning systems that can gradually move India to be more pollution free country.
  • Reducing the cost for the AC unit to less than Rs 30,000 by 2018 instead of the current value of Rs 40,000 for the room AC unit. This would also have better efficiency.
  • It shall bring new investment that of interest to take part in this project. The investment can have much interest from their own side, they may care about making a profit using the new standards and regulations going to take place in India, they may also be interested to explore new areas that depend on the new sources of energy, investors also may care about cost reduced way to generate high demand for power so they can increase their profit. The way all the previous categories to move to India and move their associated investment with this is to have installations and working efficient infrastructure of the planned project by the Indian government.
  • Enhance the living of the citizens which shall be an indication of the progress in the country. This shall be the amount of Indians currently not able to buy air conditioning systems are the ones having problems with their current ones and have the ability to rely on the government projects to use new efficient air conditioning systems in affordable costs. This also can take place by the reduction of the planned air condoning systems and the ability to use them without power cuts at peak times and without having to worry about the bills needed to have the air conditioning systems working in needed times in hot hours in summer for example.
  • The project shall encourage the usage and research on alternative source of power like the sun and the ability to produce the needed research and production to use them as a steady source to generate the power needed for the country and for the production in industry, even without reach the desired level from the first time the trials and work in these areas shall bring the research and needed information for the Indians and for the government as a source of the research to move India to different level of economy if it could manage the sources it has to achieve this goal.

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