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An air conditioner or air conditioning is an electrical device which has four functions and basically cools a walled area. The four basic functions of air conditioners are;

  • De-humidification
  • Circulating cooled air
  • Sucking out stale and hot air


Basically, air conditioners and refrigerators work on the same principle of low pressure to high pressure by which it cools.  The basic principle is to absorb heat and spray cool air and by this process, it also cleanses the air and refreshes the atmosphere.  Air conditioners are several types and speaking broadly they can be divided into two categories, Commercial or centralized air conditioning.


Uses Of Air Conditioning

The residential air conditioning is those that are used for houses and come in small sizes that can cool single rooms in houses.   Commercial Air Conditioner repair service in Vadodara and air conditioning systems are those that can cool, relatively large commercial spaces such as;

  • Movie halls
  • Shopping malls
  • Commercial complexes
  • Train stations
  • Automobiles, like buses and trucks
  • Place of events like studios and wedding or community halls
  • Educational institutions
  • Factories like textile and yarn industries


Air Conditioners Are The Best Inventions Of The Century

Air Conditioning Fact

There are some significant applications of air conditioning that are vital for the existence and can’t function without AC repair Vadodara.  Few examples of applications and places which cannot exist without air conditioning are;

  • Printing industry
  • Textile industry
  • Dyeing industry
  • Server rooms
  • Equipment rooms
  • Shipping containers that carry perishable commodities
  • Ice cream industry
  • Air Crafts and ships


Centralized Air ConditioningCentre AC Repair Service Vadodara

The second type of air conditioning is the commercial type which is used
for cooling or dehumidifying large spaces.  These types of air conditioning consist of external cooling towers that are normally water-cooled and are away from the cooled area.  These types are air conditioning systems are huge and consume huge amounts of power and work continuously.  Commercial AC repair in Vadodara and air conditioning devices require plenty of maintenance because they work harder and have to cool a huge area.  These kinds of air conditioning systems need a dedicated operator to run them as they have to be controlled frequency.  We all have seen this in all shopping malls, trains, offices, movie halls etc.  In these places, air conditioning systems work continuously and are halted only for maintenance or repairs.


Air Conditioners Can Be Used As Heaters

While the principle of air conditioning or refrigeration remains the same that is to pull out heat and pump in the cool air.  This is made possible because of the invention of a gas called refrigerants which are peculiar natural compound.  These gasses have a strange behavior of cooling down when they are compressed and reach below freezing point.  One such refrigerant is a gas called Freon, which has this strange behavior and by virtue of which air conditioning is possible.  Every AC service in Vadodara and the refrigerator has a compressor which is the heart of the equipment.  We all know that the only function of a compressor is to convert from low pressure to high pressure.  Anything that passes through a compressor such as fluids will be converted to high pressure due to centrifugal action.  This is what happens in a refrigeration or air conditioning unit with the refrigerant called Freon.  It passes through a compressor which converts this gas from low to high pressure and produces a cooling effect.  When a refrigerant is converted from low pressure to high pressure it condenses into a liquid and heats up.  This heat is dissipated into the atmosphere and after it is now released to the low-pressure zone where it evaporates.  This evaporation of refrigerant causes it to cool down and thus absorb heat.  This is the broad principle of refrigeration and air conditioning.

In domestic air conditioners there are broadly two kinds of air conditioners based on their make and model;

  • Split air conditioners
  • Window air conditioners


Split Air conditioners

Split AC Repair Service Vadodara

Basically, a split and window type air conditioner is one and the same except for some minor functionality changes.  A split air conditioner maintained by AC repair in Vadodara is a bit more efficient both on energy consumption as well as cooling effect.  A split air conditioner can cool faster and cover more volume than a window type air conditioner.  A split type air conditioner has two separate units, the indoor and outdoor unit which is the compressor unit.  The outdoor unit is installed outside the room or on the roof houses the compressor and cooling coils.  The indoor unit consists of a blower and condenser coils in which evaporation of the refrigerant takes place.


Window Type Air Conditioner

Window AC Repair Service Vadodara

A window type air conditioner is compact and convenient as compared to the split type air conditioner and is also portable.  A window type air conditioner consumes a bit more power than a split type air conditioner maintained by AC service in Vadodara and also is not as much efficient.  A window type air conditioner noisy and cause discomfort while sleeping since its compressor unit is inbuilt.  A window type air conditioner is a bit more expensive than its counterpart the split type air conditioner.  The window type air conditioner is thermodynamically not very efficient and takes longer to cool and hence, consumes more power.  Window type air conditioners have several advantages as well, such as; they are portable and ease of operation.  A window type air conditioner also offers ease of servicing and repairs because it’s one single unit and installed at the reachable height.


Power Consumption Of Air Conditioner

Now, let’s see the various innovations in air conditioning and its technology as we know improvements keep happening.   The first major breakthrough that was much needed and awaited was to somehow save power or running an air conditioner.  It is a well-known fact that even though air conditioners offer great relief, even from scorching heat and humidity, they suck.   AC repair in Vadodara serviced normal air conditioning system consumes a lot of power like about 3 Kilowatts of electric power for a 1.5 or 2 tons AC.  This is something that doesn’t seem affordable for all and is quite expensive in the long run even though we could manage to purchase the equipment.  This was a major challenge and engineers all over the world got busy researching for a solution to this problem.


The Concept Of Inverter AC

It was not until a few years back when an engineering scientist could crack this nut of high energy consumption by air conditioning systems.  This is the time when the ‘Inverter Air Conditioning’ system was brought and introduced to the world.  An inverter technology air conditioner works on the principle of optimization of energy thereby saving power.  The following steps will help you understand as to how to do inverter air conditioner works;

  • Power supplied to the air conditioner is passed through an electric power rectifier which is inbuilt in the AC.
  • An electric power rectifier is nothing but an electronic circuitry or a system that converts alternating current to direct current.
  • This power when converted to Direct Current (DC) leverages energy by doubling the energy and takes control of the compressor.
  • As mentioned earlier, a compressor is the heart of any air conditioning in the world and is the major component.
  • The compressor is the major power consuming component of any air conditioner or AC system in any setup.
  • The rectifier indirectly helps in regulating and controlling the function of the compressor by optimizing its running time.
  • This extra function or operation of the air conditioner provides two great benefits which result in saving power.
  • The first benefit is that there will be no strain on power surge or fluctuations in power consumption.
  • The second major benefit is that, by virtue optimization of power, the air conditioner consumes much less power.
  • Inverter air conditioners are more expensive than normal air conditioners, but, it still makes sense to go for this model.
  • The reason why Inverter Air Conditioners are energy efficient and cost effective in the long run it saves 30% – 40% power.
  • These savings are made for the extra cost paid for the equipment which might cost about 20% more than normal ACs.
  • Many people might think that Inverter AC serviced by Air Conditioner repair service in Vadodara cost more because of the fact that they save power and cost are escalated.
  • The real story is different, an inverter air conditioner has one extra circuitry which is expensive and comprises of precision components.
  • This is the reason it costs little more than a normal air conditioner and definitely makes up for the one-time investment.
  • Inverter air conditioners are a big innovation and an amicable solution to high power consumption by air conditioners.


Benefits Of Air Conditioning

Till the beginning of the nineteenth century, this world did not know what an air conditioner sounds or looks like.  It was only after Willis Carrier invented air conditioning system in the early 1900s that this old world could actually see and feel an AC. As the saying goes, ‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions’, the printing industry rose with the necessity.  It was in the early part of the nineteenth century, when Willis Carrier, a young mechanical engineer was working at a Forging company. One of his employers’ associate printing companies came up with a printing problem due to moisture and felt the need for a dehumidifier.  This gave rise to the invention of the Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) system which changed the world.  Till then it was just impossible to work as normal in summers or during high humidity and productivity was badly hampered.  Only after Carrier invented the Air Conditioning system did the world see a whole lot of changes for the good.

  • Air conditioning improved lives of people and helped businesses prosper by way increased productivity.
  • Air conditioning helped the health care industry and hospitals to improve patient care and recovery from diseases, ailments.
  • It was only because of effective air conditioning that factory shop floor workers could work evenly even during summers.
  • AC service in Vadodara made it possible for people to shop and spend time at shopping malls which increased cash flow and business.
  • The printing and dyeing industry was almost doomed due to high humidity which was hampering their quality.
  • Air Conditioning solved a major problem faced by printing industry and they could deliver better results with dehumidifiers.
  • Movie watching was always a pain, even for movie lovers because of heat and humidity, but this changed with the advent of air conditioning.
  • Air conditioning is one of the major reasons for improving the overall health of the people by protecting from dust and insects.
  • Air Conditioning not only cools but also ventilates, purifies and improves the quality of air in the interiors.
  • The yarn, producing industry cannot thrive without dehumidifiers because of the nature of fiber and cotton material.
  • Summers are so uncomfortable that it is almost impossible for anyone to expect a fair amount of productivity without air conditioning.
  • The cost of air conditioning supersedes its benefits and the amount of comfort and luxury it provides.


Capacity Of Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners cannot be installed in random just like we do with ceiling fans and has a specific calculation.  Air Conditioners are measured by tons in their capacity, which means that the volume of the area of cooling matters.  If an air conditioner of lower capacity is installed to cool a relatively large volume of the area then it will have to work harder.  AC equipment that is serviced by Air Conditioner repair service in Vadodara equipment that has to work harder than it is built to then it will consume more energy as well as burn-out.  It hence recommended seeking expert advice in this matter and having them inspected the house of office before installing one. Once installed, the air conditioner cannot be moved or exchanged because they are as good as permanent fixtures.  Air conditioning needs an airtight space for it to be effective as well as to save power as and be more effective in cooling.  As against installing a lower capacity air conditioner for a room, a higher capacity air conditioner naturally consumes more power.  This will lead to unnecessary expenditure which cannot be controlled and to save power we have star rated ACs.


Air Conditioner Star Ratings

Today in the Indian markets we have air conditioners with star ratings from one to five based upon their energy efficiency.  A single star air conditioner is less energy efficient than a five-star air conditioner and the difference is really huge.  It makes great sense to always go for higher star air conditioners which are energy efficient and consume less power.  The same goes from refrigerator whether domestic or industrial which can be made energy-efficient by controlling refrigerant flow.  AC repair in Vadodara, air conditioners, and refrigerators consume more energy or if more heat is generated in the room or inside the refrigerator.  For example, if the air conditioner is room is left open or very often opened and closed, and then the AC has to work harder.  In the same way, if a refrigerator is opened too often are left open then it has to work harder and will consume more power.  A refrigerator to work efficiently and consume less power, it has to be well insulated and kept closed for maximum performance.


Factors Contributing To Low Performance Of Air Conditioning

AC service in Vadodara serviced air conditioner system or refrigerator is designed to cool and maintain air temperature as well as quality to certain standards.  This standard sometimes gets affected due many factors and the in the following steps we shall see those;

  • One of the major reasons why air conditioners or refrigerators fail to deliver as expected is due to ill maintenance.
  • It is imperative to maintain and service air conditioners and refrigerators at regular intervals for optimum performance.
  • Caring for your air conditioners and refrigerators not only maintains its performance but, also consumes fair power.
  • Air Conditioners are as good as vehicles because they run every day, especially the refrigerator which runs continuously.
  • The air conditioner sucks in stale air from the room or cabin and sprays in the cool and clean air, which leaves its filters dirty.
  • These filters among other parts of an air conditioner have to be regularly cleaned and serviced for optimum performance.
  • Other reasons for the low performance of air conditioners, AC repair Vadodara system are the metering device or the refrigerant regulator.
  • This metering device regulates the amount of refrigerant fluid flowing in the system which helps optimum cooling.
  • The regulator has to be cleaned and tuned at regular intervals for better results and performance.
  • One of the major aspects or air conditioner maintenance is charged with the refrigerant gas which tends to leak gradually.
  • This helps in maintaining optimum working and the temperature in the room while being energy efficient.


Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just domestic air conditioner units there are air conditioning units for commercial applications such as shopping malls and offices.  These large and huge spaces need a separate air conditioning unit that provides centralized AC repair in Vadodara.  These centralized air conditioning units run on the same thermodynamic principles of cooling with the help of evaporation.  The only difference is that centralized air conditioning systems have separate cooling towers which use water to cool the pipes.  These cooling systems have air conditioning vents in all rooms or halls to be cooled, which spray cool and clean air.  The stale or hot air is sucked through a separate duct and pumped out into the atmosphere.  Unlike domestic or home air conditioning systems, commercial or centralized air conditioning plant requires more maintenance.  The centralized air conditioning system requires daily routine cleaning and maintenance due to the huge area of operation.  There is more dust accumulation as compared to domestic or single unit air conditioners because of size.


Precautions For Using Air Conditioners

AC service in Vadodara is very useful which helps us remain cool and comfortable even during hot summers.  But, it comes at a price and resource which has to be taken care of if we have to reap the benefits.  The air conditioner is one of the highest energy-consuming electrical appliances this gives rise to the fact that it needs the separate electrical set-up.  An air conditioner will be adversely affected by voltage fluctuations and burn out the compressor.  The compressor being the vital component of an air conditioner demands steady and even power supply.  To ensure this we need to use a good quality voltage stabilizer or Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS).   This will ensure good health of the compressor and the air conditioner as a whole and ensure long life and good performance.


Factors Affecting Performance Of Air Conditioners

The second major aspect of optimum performance is not availing AC repair in Vadodara due to which it’s wiring sometimes is of smaller dimension which should be adequate gauges.  As mentioned earlier, an air conditioner is the highest power consuming electrical appliance at home or office.  Hence, it should be given proper and adequate electrical wiring of sufficient gauges and also the proper level of power supply.  Any low power line connected to an air conditioner will result in overheating of electrical lines and might cause accidents.  One of the major causes of electrical accidents and fires is overloading or use of lower gauges of power lines.  Hence, it is strongly recommended to take professional help for air conditioner wiring and use the only good quality material.


Safety Precautions While Using Air Conditioners

Use of an electrical tripping equipment of electrical circuit breaker and availing Air Conditioner repair service in Vadodara is very important.  This electrical circuit breaker for air conditioner serves as a fuse and is the first to trip whenever there is overloading.  Overloading occurs only when the air conditioner is malfunctioning or something needs to be taken care of.   The electrical circuit breaker tripping is an indication that your air conditioner has malfunctioned and needs professional service.  There is a wrong practice among consumers who are not technically aware of putting on the electrical circuit breakers or trippers.  This could be a dangerous practice as it might lead to electrical fires or accidents.  The right way is to immediately call the air conditioner service or a repair man to find the fault and rectify it.



An air conditioner is an electrical device and appliance that cools and conditions air within a limited area or room.  It works on the principle of thermodynamics and even works as a heater during winters to warm up a room or hall.  AC repair in Vadodara service two types of ACs, the domestic, that is used in homes and small offices and commercial or centralized AC.  The domestic air conditioners are of two types, split which is more popular and the window type which has limited applications.  The split type air conditioner has two units, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit which is the compressor compartment.  The indoor unit consists of the cooling coil and a blower that blow in the cool and fresh air as well as suck out stale and hot air.  The outdoor unit blows away the stale air pulled out of the room and condenses the refrigerant in the pipes.

The commercial air conditioning is a centralized AC plant used to cool and condition large commercial complexes.  It is used in shopping complexes, large offices, factories, printing press, ice cream plants, hospitals, hotels, airports etc.  The commercial air conditioning plant consists of a separate cooling tower that is cooled by running water.  Centralized cooling air conditioning plant demands more maintenance and servicing regularly due to continuously run.  It has the capacity to run continuously for years together without breaks just like in shops and call centers.  Centralized AC repair Vadodara plants have dedicated air conditioning technicians, operators, and engineers who have to monitor it round the clock.  Centralized air conditioning works on the same principle of air conditioners, except for its size that makes it look different.


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