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AC Service Center In Vadodara. Investing in electrical devices is not simple. Just buying one and using it is not the end of it. You must maintain it and keep it in good condition to prolong the services these provide. When you are buying an air conditioner, you conduct a lot of research before deciding on a particular make and model. Air conditioners are no longer a luxury. India is a tropical country and we tend to have really hot summers, which is why air conditioners are increasingly becoming a necessity in each home.

All types of air conditioners would not suit the style of your homes, which is why it is important to buy one that goes well with your room as well has performed in the best manner. Different guidelines have to be followed for different air conditioners. Before buying anything, it is important to understand the types of all ACs and how they work.

Types Of Air Conditioners Available

  • Split air conditioners.
  • Window air conditioners. 
  • Central air conditioners.
  • Packaged air conditioners.

AC Service Center In Vadodara

Investing in electrical devices is not simple. Just buying one and using it is not the end of it. You must maintain it

Now, it is important to know how each of these devices functions.

Split Air Conditioners

AC Service Center In VadodaraThis type of air conditioner provides air from a cooling unit that is mounted on the wall. It is known as split as it has two separate apparatus- one inside and one outside. The compressor and the ventilation units are installed outside the house and the blower remains inside.

The benefit of this type of air conditioner is that the compressor is quite big, bigger than other types of ACs, which means that cooling will be done over a larger area. So if you are fitting your AC in your drawing room or a large bedroom, the split AC is the best choice as then the cooling will spread evenly across a large area instead of the cooling being directed at only a small space.

Split systems, apart from cooling large areas at the same time, also are cost effective in a way. Since they run directly from electricity, you can also run these machines through the solar power which helps to save a lot on your electricity bill. More importantly, they are easy to operate and easy to maintain and clean.

Window AC

Window AC

Window ACs are sometimes commonly called room air conditioners which are usually fitted with a window or a wall. A window AC is a single unit. The device is fitted in such a way that the blower and the cooling unit are inside the room and the vents are outside. These types of conditioners are best for small one room units as they do not cool a large area at one time.

Since they are usually made for small rooms, they do not have a compressor as strong as the split ones. Therefore, certain guidelines need to be followed. For example, when you turn the AC off, it is important to wait for a few minutes before turning the machine back on. This way, there will be no extra pressure created on the compressor and your machine will not incur any damage. These types of ACs are easy to use and to install. They can be installed in the most minimum space, without taking up much wall space. These machines are energy efficient and do not damage your much financially.

Central Air Conditioning Systems

Central Air Conditioning Systems

Central air conditioning means that the main unit is located outside the house and the cooling is done through ducts that are installed in every room of the house. The installation charges may vary depending on the structure and the size of the house, but this type of air conditioners proves beneficial in the long run. They have heavy duty compressors and condensers so that they are able to provide uniform cooling all over the house.

Central air conditioners are two types:

  • Split-type AC/ split-system AC.
  • Packaged system AC.

Split-System AC

Just like in the single unit split ACs, in this type of central cooling system, the condenser and the compressor are located in a metal cabinet that is installed outside and the evaporator is installed within the house. The indoor cabinet has a kind of a furnace. The supply duct of this furnace unit contains the evaporator. So for homes that already have a furnace unit, split-system central air conditioners are the best option.

Packaged System AC

In this type of central cooling system, the evaporator, condenser and the compressor are found in one single metal unit. This metal cabinet is either placed on the roof of the house of out the house, close to the house’s foundation. They are suitable for small sized buildings. The air supply channels and return ducts reach the central cabinet through the external wall of the house. These types of ACs have electric coils for heating and also sometimes a natural gas furnace.

The central air conditioning system is beneficial as it becomes a one-time investment. Instead of buying separate ACs for individual rooms, which also become a burden on the electricity bill, a central cooling system cuts down cost considerably. You can also run these with the help of solar power. They are user-friendly and they also purify the air inside your homes and prevent allergies and other harmful dirt from entering the house.

Packaged Air Conditioners

Packaged Air Conditioners

Packaged Air Conditioners repair vadodaraThese type of air conditioners some with fixed capacities, those of 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 tons. They are perfectly suited for small commercial establishments like restaurants, small offices, clinics, small halls and the like. As the name suggests, all components of this machine are enclosed in one single metal casing. This type of cooling system is also divided into two types of components:

  • Water-cooled condensers.
  • Air-cooled condensers.

Water Cooled Condensers

The condenser in this type of cooling system consists of a shell and a type of a tube. The cooling is done alongside this tube and the water flows by the side of the shell unit, by which the cooling takes place. A continuous supply of water is required to work these systems so that the air conditioning systems performs and functions properly.

The condenser, the shell and tube, are compact in shape and are enclosed in a single casing alongside the compressor and expansion valve. The cooling coil or the evaporator handles the air circulation and blowing systems. The whole packaged air conditioning machine looks like a metal box from outside and could be easily controlled by the control panel attached to it.

Air Cooled Condensers

In this type of condenser, atmospheric air is used to condense the cooling system. It also contains an outdoor metal casing which consists of important components like the compressor and the condenser. In some machines, it also contains the expansion valve. The outdoor unit is located at a place that has the free flow of the atmospheric air such as the roof of your house or some other open space. A fan is placed within the unit that sucks the atmospheric air, which is then blown over the condenser so that the coil is cooled. Many turns of the copper tubing make up the condenser coil.

It is usually not very easy to acquire a continuous flow of the water, which is why the packaged ACs that have air cooled condensers are preferred over than the ones with water cooled condensers. Another advantage is that air is available for free while water requires a more systematic way of flowing. The ducts of the cooling unit are connected to all the rooms that are required to be cooled, which comprises of the evaporator. The expansion valve, the air handling blower, and the filter are either placed on the floor or are attached to the ceiling.

Do We Really Need An AC?

Before making any sort of investment, it is important to analyze whether we really need an AC, and if so, why we need one. As mentioned before, ACs are no longer objects of luxury or privilege. It has become a necessity now, given the weather conditions of our country. Moreover, just cooling during the summer is not the only function that air conditioners perform. Various other functions are performed by ACs:

  • Extreme heat definitely has a negative impact on our bodies which hinders the normal functioning of our systems.Using of air conditioners means that along with the cooling, we tend to get relaxed and our body systems come back to normal.
  • They provide great comfort whether we are at work and or spending some leisure time at home.
  • They help improve the productivity and stamina of the people.
  • They help to increase physical activity and also help to maintain a happy and calm state of mind.
  • Low temperatures have proven to reduce the presence of parasites, bacteria, and other fungal particles.

Their other functions include that they help reduce the risk of dehydration as the cooling results in much less sweating in humans. A clean and controlled air conditioning system helps eradicate all external allergens and debris. They also help in the improvement of air quality if the installation is done properly and the unit is well maintained at regular intervals.

Which Model Best Suits You? Find Out

Blue Star

Blue Star is the largest and most famous central air conditioning company in India. They are known to fulfill the air conditioning requirements of a large number of corporate, commercial and domestic customers at a very standardized rate. They offer specialized solutions for all kinds of commercial and corporate sectors. The service providers will offer you professional advice on what type of machine would suit your establishment the best and will also offer all insurance policies to ensure smooth functioning.

  • Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star 3HW18VB1 Split Air Conditioner

Primary Features

  • Hydrophilic Blue Fins Evaporator.
  • Air Flow Direction Control.
  • Auto Restart with Memory Backup.
  • Turbo Cooling, Sleep Mode available.
  • Antifreeze Thermostat.
  • Fan Speed up to 4 points and Blow Button.

2)   Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star 5HW18SA1 Split AC

Primary Features

  • 5 Ton capacity.
  • 5 Star Rating, Sleep Mode, Vitamin C Filter.
  • Anti-Acari Filter, Silver Ion Filter.
  • Catechin Filter, Auto Restart with Memory Backup.
  • LED Display and Self Diagnosis.

3)   Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star 5HW18ZCW1 Split Pearl White AC

Primary Features

  • Anti-Acari Filter, LED Display.
  • Auto Restart with Memory Backup.
  • Active Carbon Filter and Anti-Bacteria Filter.
  • Auto mode, capacity 1.5 tons.
  • Inbuilt with silver Ion Filter, Dust Filter.

5 Star Rating


This is also a famous company which offers a varied range of air conditioning solutions, including split and window ACs. They are built and delivered with state-of-the-art technology. You can enjoy with these devices that are built with special features to meet the needs of fluctuating weather conditions of our country. These machines are packed with intelligent technology, a bevy of smart features, auto climate technology, etc.

  • Hitachi RAU318HTD Kaze Plus 1.5 Ton Split AC

Primary Features

  • LCD Wireless Remote.
  • Rotary compressor.
  • 5 Ton capacity.

2)   Hitachi RAU518HTD Ace CO 1.5 Ton AC

Primary Features

  • Anti-Fungus filter.
  • Auto Restart.
  • 5 Star rating.
  • 5-ton capacity.
  • Air swing technology.

3)   Hitachi RAU318HTDD Kampa Plus 1.5 Ton Split AC

Primary Features

  • On/Off Timer with Advanced Start-Up.
  • Easily Controllable Fan Speeds.
  • Auto Power-Save Mode and Auto Fan Speed.
  • Koukin Filter and Cool mode.
  • Auto Restart and Filter Clean Indicator


Samsung is another leading company who deals in class quality air conditioners. They offer Split and Floor standing type of ACs. Their products are well accepted by the Indian market and offer Best Air Solution even H1N1 Prevention. The recently introduced model of their ACs is designed with features like Anti-Allergy Coating, Antivirus Coating, Dehumidification and much more.

1)   AR12FC5EFBH 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner

Primary Features

  • Anti-Bacteria Filter.
  • Compressor suited for the Tropical Weather.
  • Dehumidifying, Cooling technology.
  • Optimal Single Blade for Better Air Flow.
  • B-sleep, Happy Hours, 24 hrs On / Off Timer.
  • Digital Temperature Display.
  • Colored Panel IDU Design.

5-star rating

2)   AR18FC5TAPD 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner

Primary Features

  • Optimal Single Blade for Better Air Flow.
  • Happy Hours, 24 hrs On / Off Timer.
  • Tropicalized Compressor 54° Working.
  • Smart Saver, Auto Clean.
  • Digital Temperature Display.
  • Anti-Bacteria filters

3)   Samsung Crystal AR18FC5EFBH 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner – Rs. 37506

Primary Features

  • Happy Hours, Colored Panel.
  • Tropicalized Compressor for 54° Working.
  • Optimal Single Blade for Better Air Flow.
  • 24 hrs On / Off Timer.
  • On/Off Timer, Digital Temperature Display.
  • Smart Saver, Auto Clean.
  • Dehumidifying, Cooling technology.


LG offers you three different categories of air conditioners for varied usages. The first category is the domestic AC or the ones you install in your homes. This includes Split AC, Window AC, and Floor Standing AC. The second category is low-duty commercial air conditioners. This includes Highlander series AC (All Highlander series). These are primarily installed in shops, restaurants, bank and smaller buildings. The third category is Multi V AC. These are heavy duty ACs that are installed in multi-storied buildings, large hospitals, auditoriums or shopping malls.

1)   LG 1 Ton 5 Star LSA3NP5F Split Air Conditioner

Primary Features

  • Auto Restart.
  • Rotary compressor.
  • 5 Star rating.
  • 1-ton cooling capacity.

2)   LG LSA5EW5V 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Air Conditioner

Primary Features

  • Cooling (watts) -5200 watts, Power Input (Watts) – 1530.
  • Running Current (Amps) -7.0, COP- 3.40 (w/w).
  • Auto Air Swing (Up-Down)/(Left-Right).
  • Selectable Swing (Left-Right/Up-Down).
  • On/Off Timer, Chaos Logic, Fuzzy Logic, Jet Cool.
  • Night Glow Buttons on Remote.
  • Condenser Fin Type-Multi Flow.
  • Evaporator Fin Type- Blue.

3)   LG 1.5 Ton Inverter Split Air Conditioner – Rs. 55450

Primary Features

  • Dehumidification, Chaos Logic.
  • Auto Restart, Front Panel Display.
  • Fuzzy Logic, Jet Cool.
  • On/Off Timer, Night Glow Buttons on Remote.
  • Anti-Bacteria filter.

Allergy Safe filter, Plus master Cyclotron Filter, Triple Filter


Voltas is a very well-known company in India who design excellent air conditioning system and extremely pocket-friendly rates. They offer Split, window, Cassette and AC models at very affordable price. Their famous Split AC models are an Executive, Classic, and Deluxe. You will be able to cope with the unbearably hot summers with their ACs and they will also not burn a hole in your pockets.

1)   Executive – 5 Star

Primary Features

  • Anti dust, Nano silver – filters.
  • Hydrophilic Aluminum fin.
  • LED Display on Indoor Units.
  • Air vents with cross Flow technology.
  • Sleep mode, turbo, swims, LCD Remote and Timer.

2)   Classic – 5 Star

Primary Features

  • Filters – Anti Dust, Catechin Filter, Aaron Bacterium (Red) and Silver Ion.
  • Hydrophilic Aluminum Fin.
  • Indoor Units with LED display, Anti-Fungal Clean, and Auto Restart.
  • Sleep Mode, turbo, Swing, lock, LCD remote, glow buttons.

3)   Deluxe – 5 Star

Primary Features

  • Anti-Dust/Active Carbon/Silver Ion filter.
  • LED Display, Ionizer, Self Diagnosis.
  • Auto Restart, sleep Mode, Swing.
  • Glow Buttons, Cross Flow air vent.

When you go through the above listings, you will be equipped with all necessary information that you need. These will also help you with your research. This listing will help you decide on the perfect model of AC, be it for your homes, offices, or your restaurants. It is necessary to keep such information handy as they help you in the long run. When you get in touch with service providers of the individual companies, they too would be impressed to know that you have a basic knowledge of the specifications which will make it easier for both them and you to clearly understand the functions and guidelines. In case you have any further inquiry, the professionals will be happy to walk you through any kind of doubt or misgivings you might have regarding any model type. The professionals would also guide you through your insurance and warranty requirements and ensure that you are not duped or deceived at any cost. All you have to do is place and order and the air conditioner will be delivered at your doorstep in the best condition. It is also important to keep in mind to make the correct choice. These are not small investments and it is best to first analyze and understand each and every aspect of your investment.

Why Is Maintenance An Important Requirement?

Just like you maintain the other gadgets that you have in your homes, it is important that you maintain your ACs at regular intervals. Once a year servicing will prove highly beneficial to your machine and will increase its longevity. It is needless to say that your air conditioning system forms a large part of your electricity bill. If you do not conduct a proper servicing at least once a year, the energy efficiency of your device is likely to go down by 25%. That will incur more electricity charges. To avoid such incidents, it is best to get your machines serviced by professionals. Apart from this, when your air conditioners are serviced and cleaned, a professional would be able to point out how much longer that machine will last, whether or not it can be repaired or whether it will have to be replaced totally. Sometimes the repairing cost rises higher than replacement cost in which case it is more feasible to replace it.

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Given below is a list of professional outlets where you can get your ACs serviced, cleaned and repaired.

  • Volts And Watts India

Pratap Nagar, near Gangotri Tower, Vadodara.
Contact: 08048004956

Online description: We are readily immersed in offering AC Installation Services to our clients. We are the leading organization to offer our precious clients an optimum quality Air Conditioner Repairing Service. We offer services of AC Maintenance with the help of our trained professionals. We provide AC Maintenance for office campus, industries, and multi-storied building. We are also occupied in delivering Split AC Repair. These provided services are delivered by deft executives who hold enormous vast expertise. Our enterprise has received a sterling standing in the country by providing our patrons a praiseworthy and inclusive collection of Window AC Repairing. We are readily engrossed in presenting to our customers’ high reliable Home AC Repair Services as well.

  • Patel Rewinding And Electrical Works

G-4, Hemdip Avenue, Opposite Gulab Vatika Society,
Tandalja Road, OP Road,
Vadodara – 390015.
Contact: 08079467463

Online description: We are amongst the most reputed names in the industry, offering AC Repairing Services. The approximate rate that we offer is Rs. 250/- per unit(s).

  • Cooling Zone

Krishnashraya, Near Amit Nagar, Karelibaug opposite C. C. Patel House,
Vadodara – 390018.
Contact: 08071674458

Online description: We are the leading organization to render our esteemed clients optimum quality AC Installation Services. These services are carried out under the strict supervision of our experts using the best grade tools and advanced techniques. We offer these services for all kinds of ACs—split, window, and centralized air conditioning systems. We are the leading organization to provide optimum quality AC Maintenance Services to our esteemed clients.

  • Rashmi Enterprise

Maneja, Vadodara.
Contact: 08049676682

Online description: We are supplier and service provider of AC Maintenance Contractor. These are electronically operated and constructed by using high-quality solid steel that provides stability during transit. We have well qualified and expert service engineers who are capable of doing any type of repair work. These ranges of AC maintenance are widely appreciated and available at industry leading prices.

  • Water World

Akota, Vadodara.
Contact: 0804807706

Online description: Backed by the assistance of our highly experienced professionals, we have been able to bring forward a qualitative Air Conditioner Repair Service. Our organization is backed by well-equipped infrastructure and technology to execute this service in an excellent manner. This service is carried out by our adept professionals using the best grade tools and modern techniques. The provided service is highly appreciated by our precious clients owing to its promptness and timely execution. Further, clients can avail this service at reasonable prices.

The well-known proverb goes, “Home is where the Heart is”. It is true in every sense of the phrase. Your home is where you are the most relaxed and in a calm state of mind. Infected air and dirt can not only harm you physically but also disturb your mental peace. It is, therefore, necessary that you install an air conditioner today and notice the clear change that takes place. With the cooler environment inside and the air purifier, you are bound to feel fresher and more energetic to do your daily chores. Instead of deliberating too much, you might as well take the correct decision today!

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