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How To Choose The Right Refrigerator Based On Usage

Tips To Choose A Refrigerator Based On Usage


When you are looking for a fridge we already know you are looking something that will keep your food cool and fresh. But then you have to remember the fact that doing only that will not help you in anyway since there are a lot of other aspects to be taken care of and you have to be very careful while you are investing in something as big as a fridge. The most important thing that you have to do is to ensure the fact that you are choosing it on the basis of your usage so that later on, you have no issues regarding the same.

Now the first thing that you have to do is to check out the place that you are buying the refrigerator for and then look for the refrigerator so that it is a perfect fit for the place and you can use it in whichever way you like to. Now will all the various kinds of the fridge and all the different companies it is possible that you might be in a quandary as to what you should be buying and that is the time when we arrive to help you with the same. Now let us talk about the ways in which you can choose the perfect refrigerator for yourself.

  1. Have A Look At a Your Kitchen Space

The first thing that you have t do to install a fridge is that you have to measure the area that you have in your kitchen so that after the installation you can have the space to move around. Also, measure in a way so that the refrigerator has some space left on all sides after it has been fitted.  This is because it needs a few inches of space on all the sides so that it can operate in an efficient manner and the air can circulate freely as well. Also, you do have to note how wide the doors of the fridge can swing open- also you have to check about the fact that you have ample clearance and the door or the walls of the fridge are not jammed at all. In most of the cases it has been seen that the doors of the fridges have problems in opening due to the setting of the walls and it is realised after the installation process, so keep that in mind and if you feel that there is going to be a problem, then you can have the doors reversed.

There are people who are in for the counter depth model of the fridge that has come up recently, but since we would like you to make the full usage of the device we would advise not to take that since that may end up in lessening your space by some inches.

  1. Your Eating Habits

The choice of your food will definitely affect the choice of your refrigerator as well. This is because of the fact that many people are there who cook with fresh foods and there are lot others who do not. Now if you are the person belonging to the first category, then you might fall for a bottom-mount that is the freezer on the bottom unit of the refrigerator and it will be the best for you since it puts the food items at an easy to grab height. This is also the type of freezer that you would like if you cook food daily.  Now if you belong to the second category, then you might like to have a freezer-on-top type of unit just so that you would not have to search deeply for the canned or frozen items.

Now if you are still in a quandary and you would like something in general, then you could opt for a side-by-side unit that offers the best of both the units and is generally used in the food stores, but use the fridge more as a means of storing the leftovers like a slice of pizza, cheese slices or other wide items, then the narrow compartments of this unit may not be the perfect one for you. Now in most of the units they tend to have shelves that are pretty adjustable, and all the drawers are with temperature settings- the best part is that some of the spaces are dedicated to certain foods, so if you have the tendency to keep certain foods, then you will be able to use the fridge in accordance to the same.

  1. Your Family

The number of family members you have and also their food habits- all this will take an account in the type of fridge that you have to buy. While a side by side unit is just the right one with the family with kids as well as the ones with ill or elderly people, the French door fridge is the one who likes to gaze at the same every now and then. This is because in a case of the side by side, people can have easy access to the items and even kids can take out what they need, the French door is the one that helps people go deep to find their desired items.

For example, let us suppose that you have kept chocolates and medicines in the side by side unit of the freezer. If any ill or elderly person or kids have to take it out, they can do so with perfect ease and with no hassles at all.

  1. Your Budget

Your budget is one of the most important elements to take care of when you are going to buy a fridge. This is because of the fact that the conventional top-mounts, the ones with the freezer above and fridge at the lower level are the cheapest of the lot because they do not have the frills of food storage. The ones with the bottom freezer are of the higher range of price and they come in a number of sizes as well.

Another factor that decides the price is definitely the outer look of the fridge as because if you are going for a stainless steel one, then you might have to raise your budget than the one with the normal look. Also it might happen that two refrigerators have the same features and everything is same about them except for the fact that one is designed and the other one is not. Obviously, the designer one will have more price range than the plain one.

Also, you have to take into consideration about the built-in water dispenser or even the ice maker since they add to the cost price and electricity tariffs, and these are the elements that are the most likely to break off. Now it is up to you whether you will spend a bit more and have a hardy fridge that will go on for years or you will spend a bit less now only to spend your money later on the repairing of the same.

  1. Your Electricity Bill

According to a statistics, it has been noticed that the conventional fridge use accounts for up to a total of 14% of a home’s energy consumption, so before you leap on to have a refrigerator, it is a must read the Energy Guide labels of the device carefully. And you should also remember the strategy that those refrigerators with  inbuilt water and ice dispensers are the ones that gobble up the electricity usage and  when the energy use estimate is done, they are not taken into account— so you have to assume that they will definitely add up to at least 20% to the running expenditure.

We say that you go for the fridges that are top mounted unless you need any other type exclusively since they consume up to 10 to 25% less electricity than the other types of refrigerators. The recent Energy Star models use up a minimum 20% less electricity than that of the non-rated models, which is helpful to you in more ways than just one. So the smart way would be to invest in the one that will lessen the energy consumption and thus lessen the electricity tariff at the same time.

  1. Your Cleaning Habits

If you are a lot finicky about cleaning then you have to be specifically careful when it comes to buying the fridge. This is because of the fact that the stainless steel looks amazing when it is brand new and clean, but it is also quickly tempered by fingerprints. So unless you are always opening the fridge while wearing gloves or with the help of a cloth, it is better that you avoid the stainless steel fridge.  But what if you are in love with the stainless steel finish but do not have the time or energy to clean it time and again? That is the time when you can opt for the faux-stainless finish. This is the type of material that is not easily smudged and looks spotlessly clean.

In some of the refrigerators, you also get to have the glass shelves with lips in order to contain spills which are done instead of the wire shelving and that is something which is so easy to clean up. If you are cool with cleaning your fridge every day then you can go for any model that you like to have but if you are not, then you have to stick to the specific models that are easier to clean up and look as good as new even if cleaned once after six months.

There are a number of different shapes and sizes to choose from as because choosing the type only is not ample for you. According to the way in which you will use the freezer, there are certain sizes given and you have to choose the one that is the perfect one for you.

  • Mini Fridge / Compact Cube:

These are more often termed as the “corporate-style” refrigerators as because they are small, compact and they provide just a small bit of space to store all your food items and drinks. Their size ranged from only 1.5 to 3 cubic feet, and they generally tend to have a room for a few cans of soda or water, a day’s lunch, and maybe some medicines but not more than that. If you are staying alone at a place and you have your day to day food, then this is the perfect size for one individual. In fact, the size shows how little space consuming it can actually be and so how it will help you to move around in your kitchen.

In most of the cases, it is generally the thing that people who stay alone for studying or jobs have a small apartment and they end up buying a large freezer and end up regretting it later on. But if you but this one instead, you will not have any loopholes for regret and you would actually love its look.

  • Countertop Height & Mid-Size Fridge:

Now next we come to a bit larger size than the one about which we just had a talk. The next size is termed as a compact mini- fridge, and it is also sometimes referred to as the dorm size fridge. These freezers have been designed in a way that they are very small and come at cheap prices, but they also have ample space to store enough groceries for a few days. These refrigerator services generally gives quite a small amount of freezer space, but since the size ranges between 3 to 5.5 cubic feet of total space they are often as small as to fit under a general height countertop which is amazing- because then you will not have to save any more space for the freezer separately even after it has been installed.

  • Combo Microwave Fridge:

This is one of the most innovative things that technology has brought forward so far and once you see it, you will not be able to unsee it for a long time. This is because it is the combination of a microwave as well as the freezer and it is best for the kind of people who stay in really small places but like to have food according to their own convenience. For example, if you are living in a 1bhk flat with little space, then this combo offer will be a blessing to you. These combo fridges have arrived in the market in a number of sizes, with the kind of refrigerators that range from about 2 to 9 cubic feet of space, and also the microwaves that incorporate everything starting right from the fundamentals to the more advanced options.

So now buying a fridge is not optional for you just because you happen to live in a small space. Instead, it gives you all the more reason to go for the combo thing that looks adorable and is available for affordable rates as well. Now all you have to do is to get the same and then you will be able to enjoy your food in any way you want to- be it hot or cold.

  • Apartment Fridges:

If you have just a bit more space to spare, then you can opt for what we generally term as the apartment fridges which is just like the standard freezers but is also slim and sleek looking thus giving a classy look to the refrigerator. These are the fridges that in general range from about 7 to 15 cubic feet which is about half the conventional freezers, but they also offer similar features to the full-size types, like the drawers, the dual-cooling air settings, adjustable shelving, temperature control, and an expanded freezer space than the other compact models compact models. This unique thing can be used if you have a small apartment which cannot accommodate a full sized traditional freezer. In this case, you will be able to enjoy all the features like the normal one, but just in a compact manner.

  • Full Size & Commercial Refrigerators:

Last but not the least, we arrive at the full sized freezers that are huge, but one should go for them only if you have the space for accommodating the same. This is the kind of fridge in which you can also choose from a lot of range of the biggest size as well as the commercial refrigerators. Now if you are in death of the space but then you also want the functionality that any other fridge can give you, there are many brands that have offered some extra slim models of the most popular designs There are a flurry of features, styles, and sizes to choose from, so you do not have to worry in any manner even if you have problems in having any specific type of the fridge. Now we will talk about the things that you have to consider while buying a freezer.

  • Is It Coming In My Budget?

This is the first thing that should strike your mind as because buying a fridge is no big deal nowadays. You have to make sure of the fact that the model you are buying is a perfect fit to your budget and is the best one for you.

  • Is The Brand A Reputed One?

This is the second thing that you have to take care of. The reputation of the brand will ensure the durability of the product as the more reputed the brand is, the better. So take the help of the internet and ask your near and dear ones about the best brands that they can think of and then narrow down the list. If possible find the feedback of the clients of each brand and then decide on the same. Also find the refrigerator repair and refrigerator service center in Vadodara of the brands.

  • Is The Fridge Energy Efficient?

In order to know the rating of the fridge you have to have a look at the number of starts of the fridge- the more number of stars the more energy efficient it is. So you have to ensure the fact that you have taken no less than a four-star fridge so that it is more efficient in working as well as lessening the electricity bill.

  • What Are The Best Features Of The Fridge?

If you have a fridge then the first though that comes to our mind is- what is so special about the fridge that you will have to buy it? Ask the same question to the retailer and make sure that the fridge you have chosen is the one with the best of the parts. This is because if you have not asked it, then you might get something defective and you might have the regret later on.

  • Do I Need This Size? Why?

If you have chosen a specific size, then do so not because it looks cute or it looks classy- do so because you need the size and it will perfect with your place. For example, if you bring a commercial refrigerator inside a 2BHlk flat, it is bound to look awkward. So all you have to do is to choose the one that suits you and then move forward for buying the same- but only after knowing the utility.

  • Am I Getting The Refrigerator With Good Warranty?

Take a look at warranty of the refrigerator as well as the compressor. The fridge should have a minimum warranty of one year and the compressor should have a minimum warranty of ten years. Make sure that you do not settle for anything less than that.

Now that you know about the tips in which you can have the best fridge, you will not be in a quandary anymore about which model you should buy. Instead, you will be able to narrow down the options and pick out the perfect freezer for your home.

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