How to service AC at home

How to service AC at home?

In summer, the first thing that pops into your head is maintaining your air conditioner. While having your split air conditioner maintained by an authorized service provider is advised, you can make your way through the process of taking care of your air conditioning at your home. It may seem not easy initially, but servicing your air conditioner at home is much easier than you think.

Generally, most of the persons have the same question how to service ac at home? Cleansing your AC is an essential aspect of maintaining and keeping your system in good shape for a longer time, and this means less expensive repairs and a reduction of your energy costs. With time, perseverance, and a little precision cleaning your air conditioner for improved performance.

If you’re interested in knowing how to clean AC in home, understanding the operation is essential. The air conditioner is a significant factor in making your house an oasis of peace. You’ll observe that your system is in constant motion to provide the same amount of cooling in time. Cleaning your unit’s air condenser is essential to maintaining it to make your unit last longer. This means you will have fewer significant repairs and a lower energy bill.

5 Steps to Service AC at Home:

1. Make sure you keep the Environment Safe and Clean

Take safety precautions and easy tasks to follow. Make sure your air conditioning is off. To ensure that it is, remove the plug from the socket. When you’re doing split ac service at home, prepare for the area to get somewhat filthy. Be sure to put the towel or paper underneath your air conditioner. Because while you are cleaning it, dust particles are a common occurrence, water and dirt will fall and make the area beneath the AC dirty. Remember that you wear a mask to shield yourself from dirt and dust particles.

2. Open your AC

For the first time, you will need to service your unit. Ensure that you open the unit inside first. To open the indoor unit, all you have to do is unlock the lock located on the front of the split AC. After opening your air conditioning unit, you’ll discover two filters you’ll need to take out. To remove the filters, push the filter to the side and remove it.

3. Clean the Cooling Coil and Filter

Once you pull the filter out, you will see dust that has settled over the filter. Wash it with gentle tap water and then dry it to clean the filter. The cooling coil significantly influences the performance of cooling that the AC provides, and dirt in it can affect the cooling efficiency. Cleaning the cooling system on the split AC, all you need is the regular toothbrush. Clean the coil by brushing it in an upwards to a downward direction. Be careful and ensure your hands are safe, as the fins on the coil are razor-sharp.

4. Utilize Simple Water Pump

After you have cleaned dust particles from your divided air conditioner, be sure to use a primary water pump to spray water over the cooling coil of your air conditioner. This will aid in letting dust particles settle into the drain tray and then flow out of the air conditioner via the drainpipe.

5. Closing Off the AC and Cleaning Outside Body

After you have used the pump to water, you will need to move the filters in their original place and shut the indoor unit by pressing the indoor flap to secure it. The last thing you’ll need is a clean cloth to wipe the air conditioner’s exterior and turn on the air conditioner to see whether it has cooled.

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How to Clean AC in Home?

To ensure that coolant is moving and keep the circulation of cold air, the air conditioner uses compressors and fans that move continuously. However, the filters and vents, coils, and other parts that function accumulate dust and dirt in time, and regular maintenance is necessary to keep your AC in good condition. The range of cleaning methods is readily available based on the type of air conditioner used and the specific components. Here are some basic suggestions on how to ac service at home that you should follow:

#1 Using High Pressure Cleaning

High-pressure cleaning can be heard in sound regardless of whether you have windows or a split system housed in a metallic box or outdoor. The pressure washer will allow you to clean the exterior cover and blast clean all dust and dust trapped within the interior. Make sure to turn off the unit during the process and then keep it off for a minimum of 24 hours. This will ensure that all component has completely dried.

#2 Vacuum

A vacuum can be utilized to clean the major components of an air conditioner, including the entry panels and the accompanying filters, as well as any other dust-collecting covers or screens. To reap the maximum advantages, repeat the process every 90-120 days to ensure that the air moves freely. After removing the panels for access, you can utilize the vacuum cleaner to remove general dust or dirt off of the coils and other parts in the cooling system.

Tips for Cleaning your Air Conditioner

Before we go into the details of how to give your air conditioner unit a thorough clean, here are a few things to remember:

  • The process can take time. When you service ac at home make sure you have a minimum of half a day to finish the task properly.
  • Cleaning tasks will require precision actions along with dexterity.
  • You may require specialized equipment to complete your cleaning.

Although you can perform this kind of maintenance on your own, you might find that the perseverance and fine motor abilities needed to accomplish this task make it an ideal job for professionals. If your air conditioner is filthy or has signs of wear, you’ll want to get the help of a professional.

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