Multi-Inverter Split Air Conditioners by Blue Star

Blue Star Multi-Inverter Split AC – Latest Air Conditioner

Blue Star the most prominent names in the air conditioning industry and the AC joint with the major market share is all set for the giant leap.  This air conditioning giant is geared-up with its announcement of the latest range of inverter and Split AC air conditioners.  This range is an all-new stylish as well as state of the art technology that promises power savings clubbed along with ultimate performance.

Latest Split and Inverter Air Conditioners By Blue Star

Blue Star is the largest selling air conditioning systems in Indian in all segments viz; domestic, commercial and centralized.  This brand new launch will mark the advent of a whole new era of air conditioning redefined with improved features.  Blue Star has always been the favorite air conditioner Blue Star AC Repair brand in India.  Now, the announcement of this new series with additional features for power saving is a step ahead.  The air conditioning giant with its presence in more than a hundred countries is all set to give more surprises.

Blue Star is The Pioneers in Industrial Refrigeration Units

Blue Star has worked really hard this time it shows from the range of products that have been announced.  Blue Star Air Conditioner with this new range has introduced several air conditioners of more than 40 models.  These models comprise of both split as well as Inverter air conditioners.

  • The Split AC air conditioners are available in capacities starting from 0.7 tones and up to 4.5 tones.
  • These ranges of Split AC s are available in all star energy saving models.
  • The energy efficient models begin right from one star being the lowest to five stars being the most efficient.
  • This applies equally to the inverter model air conditioners which are available in 3 and 5 stars.
  • Five stars is the most energy efficient and are available for all kinds of application from domestic to commercial.
  • Apart from being energy efficient, ultimate performing machines, these Latest Air Conditioner air conditioners are stylish too.

Blue Star Announced Various Unique Models Of ACs

In the Inverter model of air conditioners Blue Star has launched more than 40 models with state of the art technology.  These inverter air conditioners promise to deliver well above expectation with better cooling effect.   The inverter model air conditioners come with the unique feature of heating the room during winter seasons.  This is an amazing feature and is going to create a boom in the history of air conditioners in India.  Most of the inverter model air conditioners Blue Star AC Repair are Wi-Fi enabled and can be operated through a mobile phone.   This is an Unbelievable feature and is definitely the future of air conditioning redefined.  This season launch is announced for more than 130 models consisting of all stars, split, Inverter Air Conditioner and capacities.  From the features and competitive prices it seems like these air conditioners are here to stay for long.  As of today there is hardly any competition for these models even from the other air conditioner giant.

Split Air Conditioners

State Of The Art Technology Air Conditioners From Blue Star

The biggest plus in this new launch air conditioner Latest Air Conditioner series and for the first time these features arrive.  The split inverter model air conditioner that is a 5 star energy efficient promises more than 65% power saving.  This saving is compared over a 1 star inverter air conditioner by the same Blue Star for normal models.  So, now the inverter air conditioners are undoubtedly going to dominate the space and command market share.

  • For the first time temperature setting in this inverter model air conditioners have set in half degree centigrade.
  • This is definitely innovation that Indian air conditioner markets had never ever seen and it’s only the beginning.
  • The inverter models of Blue Star Air Conditioner are the best in energy efficiency by virtue of technology used.
  • An addition to this is the 5 star rating for power saving is sure another feather in the cap of Blue Star.

Latest Inverter Air Conditioners From Blue Star

A total of nineteen models of Inverter Air Conditioner model 5 star air conditioners have been announced.  This by itself is a benchmark in the air conditioner industry and challenging their limits.  With this launch the market share for inverter model split air conditioner Blue Star AC Repair with 5 star rating is the highest.  This definitely marks a whole new era of market domination by Blue Star for this summer season in Indian markets.  Blue Star will have the best cooling machines with a wide range to choose from, this summer that promises to deliver.   Most importantly, this air conditioning giant has used, Eco friendly refrigerant in all machines.  This sends out a strong message that they are environment conscious and not here to make profits alone.  So, this takes care of the ozone layer and harmful Ultra Violet rays of the sun hitting earth.  To top it all, this series of 5 star inverter cooling machines runs without the need of a voltage stabilizer.

Residential Air Conditioners Packed With Features

Initially they were the cooling machine Latest Air Conditioner giants with the largest market share in the refrigerator ranges.  But, with the advent of huge demand of air conditioners in India they are now here with sheer innovation.  To this day, Blue Star holds the major share for commercial refrigeration used in many industries like ice cream and seafood.  Now, with the launch of domestic and residential air conditioners in amazing colors & styles they take a giant step forward.

  • This is going to mark a whole new way Indian’s shop for air conditioners for home and offices.
  • The new range of split and Inverter Air Conditioner model air conditioners look very appealing with designs never seen.
  • This range of brand new air conditioners will be soon available through all dealer networks across India.
  • Blue Star Air Conditioners are the pioneers when it comes to cooling machines and air conditioners in the country.
  • They are here in this business of cooling solutions for almost seventy years now.
Widest Service Network From Blue Star

Blue Star has the widest network of delivery system for their air conditioners across the length and breadth of this country.  They have a robust chain of stockiest, dealers and sub-dealers of more than 800 service centers to back sales.  This chain of air conditioning service centers, extended service support to residences, offices, hospitals, shopping malls etc.  Blue Star has always been the top and the best choice of consumers with its unbelievable technical support.  In the past two years, this trend of demand had seen new heights due to urbanization and economical up gradations.  People are now looking for luxury and these cooling machines Blue Star AC Repair is gradually becoming a common need in most households.  While the fact remains that Blue Star room air conditioners are not available directly to consumers for residential installations.  The demand seemed to be so huge that for residential air conditioning units that Blue Star recorded major sales from this segment.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners From Blue Star

People prefer a specialist over a general engineer and Blue Star Latest Air Conditioner is the market technology leaders in air conditioning.  We all know that Blue Star specializes in huge commercial air conditioning and centralized AC plants.  There is a general notion among people that these guys make good centralized air conditioning systems and would also make good room air conditioners.  Hence, there is a huge demand for Blue Star air conditioners from the residential segments too.

  • Taking into consideration the fact that penetration into residential air conditioning is prosperity, Blue Star Air Conditioner entered here.
  • The marketing mix was reallocated and here they once again led in sales with huge demand and potential.
  • Blue Star makes the widest range of home air conditioners with stylish designs. They come in all star energy efficient ratings from one to five stars as per consumer choice.
  • Labelling of air conditioners on the energy efficiency is strictly as per Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) norms.
  • Blue Star home air conditioners not only are low power consumers, but also rich in features.
The Best Split Air Conditioners From Blue Star

Some of the features like ‘i-feel’, the directional air conditioning and 6 stage filtering ensuring pure air are not available in other brands.  Other unique features include; turbo run, auto operations, dry running, sleep, aesthetic remote control etc.   To top the list of ultimate features are corrosion resistance, self-test, intelligent cooling etc.  The inverter model of Split AC type air conditioners from Blue Star is a real revolutionary product.  These cooling machines are so well engineered that they save power like crazy.  Apart from low power consumption their design is just awesome and elegant on the wall.  Blue Star has an existing network of delivery system to reach its customers and consumers.  However the company plans to focus on this area by widening its network as well as its service & installation Blue Star AC Repair facilities.  Blue Star has plans to build a reliable outlet network of business franchise and retailers to reach residential consumers.

Brilliant Product Mix Of Blue Star Air Conditioners

Blue Star is a cooling machine Latest Air Conditioner giant that understands the significance of branding and advertising and hence, spends about 50 millions on it.  Now, this financial year this company has allocated budget more than double of it to effectively reach consumers.  This advertising budget will be intelligently spread over Television commercials and print media.

  • Other forms of advertising and publicity will be achieved by digital marketing, sign boards, hoardings and dailies ad.
  • This catchy ad line of Blue Star was a significant contributor to its sales, ‘Office like cooling at home too’.
  • This depicted the cooling efficiency of Blue Star machines and its effectiveness over other brands.
  • This attractive line was chosen after deep research and arriving at the conclusion that people assumed offices to be cooler with Blue Star Air Conditioner.
  • This catchy line was also significant because everyone is aware that Blue Star is the pioneer in centralized AC for offices.
  • This depicted that Blue Star who are the experts in large scale cooling are beyond doubt the same with residential units.
On The Path Of Prosperity

Thiagarajan. B was the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Division’s President of Blue Star who led the sales campaign.   He once said to the media that the residential segment of air conditioning business is on the steep demand path.  The residential air conditioners demand is going to be the sole contributors of this market growing three folds in one year.  He had asserted that Blue Star is the expert in commercial, centralized and large scale air conditioning.  By virtue of the company’s more than 6 decades of hardcore experience in cooling spaces we will win in the residential segment too.  The market for residential and domestic air conditioning is huge and bigger than estimations.  This calls for an immediate and emergency marketing and product design plan and things are in place.  This is the major focus why Blue Star AC Repair announced launch of more than 150 models of residential units.

The Ultimate Cooling Machines From Blue Star

This launch announcement is the biggest benchmark for Blue Star Air Conditioner in the residential cooling machines segment.  The company’s design engineers and thermodynamics engineers did their homework really well.  We can see the results and they are just unbelievable and state of the art technology used.  This is the first time in the history of air conditioner production when one brand has launched this many number of models.

  • The marketing team has spent their best hours researching the right product mix and consumer choice.
  • This wide range of residential air conditioners is designed specifically with the end consumer in mind.
  • To be precise the product development team and engineers have stepped into the consumer’s shoes.
  • They have gone to great lengths to understand the various and different situations where one size did not fit all.
  • The same extensive and untiring research was carried out for commercial and centralized air conditioning requirements.
  • After all this down to earth home work and months of ratification have they come out with this range.
  • These Latest Air Conditioner air conditioners are available in almost all shades, colors, designs and models to fit every need.
Blue Star The Market Leaders In Air Conditioning

Blue Star had always maintained its status and position of being the number one manufacturers in quality air conditioners.  They have the best ever service network and excellent customer service for after sales services.  Blue Star is almost nearing a century of pioneering in commercial refrigeration system for institutions, hospital, corporate etc.  Blue Star has end to end centralized and air conditioning and refrigeration for various applications.   Whenever any company that is listed on the stock markets comes out with some innovative solutions, its share prices shoot.  The same is true for Blue Star air conditioning and its share prices shot-up on intraday by as much as 2%.  This happened just after the announcement of the launch of new brands of air conditioners.  These models of air conditioners Blue Star AC Repair both split and 5 star energy efficient machines looked promising.  In order to make this launch announcement official, a company’s board meet was held on Jan 25th 2016.  This meeting concluded with the approval of the unaudited financial results for the previous financial year.  This consolidated standalone report is for the last quarter of 2016.

Market Share Of Blue Star Limited

Blue Star Air Conditioner even though being the market leaders in commercial and industrial refrigeration systems had seen its highs and lows.  In the last year that is 2016 in a block of 52 weeks of the year it recorded highest stock value in October as Rs.583.90.

  • At the same time in that year, the lowest value was recorded at Rs.305.60 which was in February.
  • This depicts that the daily average momentum of company stocks was 19.05 with a book value of Rs.51.42.
  • The stocks gave a good enough return to investors of about above 12% as monthly return on investments.
  • These numbers are when the company had business as usual and no innovation was brought about.
  • Now, that the company is here to stay with a major expansion and penetration into the residential segments, we can see some boom.
  • Blue Star is not only the pioneer and the biggest player in industrial refrigeration in India but all over the world.
  • They have presence in all countries and a major market share in commercial refrigeration and Latest Air Conditioner centralized air conditioning.

Feature Packed Air Conditioners from Blue Star

Blue Star dominates the air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems in below segments;

  • Packaged cooling and dehumidification plants.
  • Electromechanical cooling plants.
  • Unitary refrigeration products.
  • Integrated electronic devices.
  • Industrial air conditioning systems.
  • Two of the company’s departments called the packaged cooling systems and Electromechanical Systems are responsible for;
  • Designing of centralized refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
  • Commissioning of refrigeration and air conditioning plants.
  • Maintenance of centralized air conditioning plants.
  • Servicing of packaged and ducked air conditioning systems.
  • Maintenance of variable air conditioning system plants.
  • Extending electrification contracting to customers who wish to avail.
  • Plumbing pertaining to air conditioning plants.
  • Fire-fighting set up and alarms.
  • After sales air conditioning support.
  • Revamping of air conditioning systems.
  • Upgrading of air conditioning plants.
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts.

Blue Star, Blue Star AC Repair has always recorded a fair enough profit out sales and revenues have always been healthy.

The Financial Health

Blue Star Latest Air Conditioner had released their standalone unaudited results of earnings in December 2016 for the 3rd quarter.  These results were published reflecting a nine month ending reports on income and net sales out of operations.  The numbers are impressive and a whooping Rs.9125 millions which was only Rs.7836 millions in 2015.  This depicts that the Blue Star Air Conditioner company is on the right track and is very prosperous.  While gross profit in 2016 is Rs.195.5 millions out of operations and before deduction of liabilities.  This profit is gross because it is before all costs such s finance, income and extraordinary expenses.  The same for the year 2016 was Rs.195.6 which is slightly on the higher side.  The current financial year’s net profit recorded as per balance sheet is Rs.141.8 millions.  This number equates Rs.1.51 for each diluted share of the company in stock markets.  The corresponding numbers for 2015 is Rs.92.7 millions and Rs.0.94 for every diluted stock.

Blue Star Recorded A Huge Revenue Profits

Blue Star had always been on the path of prosperity as for numbers and seen steep profits and revenues.  It had recorded and operating profits of Rs.350.8 millions in 2016 which was only Rs.235.5 millions in 2015.

  • The 3rd quarter ending December 31st, 2016 was recorded at Rs.30099.9 millions from the operations of the company.
  • The corresponding figure in the year 2015 was recorded at Rs.26357.4 millions which depicts prosperity.
  • Net operational profit in 2016 was recorded at Rs.1080.8 millions before other profits.
  • The same was Rs.1103.4 in 2015 which is a substantial correctional growth.
  • Profit Before Income Taxes (PBIT) in 2016 recorded was Rs.1072.5 millions and the same in 2015 was Rs.1098.2 millions.
  • This brings the net profit numbers to Rs.858.8 millions in the current financial year.
  • This depicts Rs.8.95 for every diluted share of the company Blue Star AC Repair at current rates.
  • The same was Rs.865.9 millions in 2015 and Rs.9.07 for every diluted share price of the same year.

Latest Technology Cooling Machines From Blue Star

Blue Star Limited recorded a whooping operating profit in 2016 as Rs.350.80 millions which is robust growth.  The same corresponding numbers in 2015 was 235.5 million, which was a year back and this is after deductions.  After the announcement of a wide range of revolutionary Blue Star Air Conditioner, both split and inverter models, share prices saw a hike of 2%.  This happened in January 2016 after the historic launch decision which marked the advent of state of the art AC technology.  This announcement has rewritten history by launching stylish and energy efficient cooling machines.  The 1.5 tons residential Inverter Air Conditioner split air conditioner is an elegant milk white treasure.  It is fully loaded with amazing and unbelievable features that will leave all other brands way behind.  It is designed to condition interiors not only for the scorching hot summers, but also for chilly winters.  Latest Air Conditioner got many modes of operations such as dry, hot, humid, cooling and moist running for every season.

Clean Air Technology From Blue Star

The 1.5 tone residential Split AC Blue Star white gold inverter air conditioner Blue Star AC Repair is packed with 6 stage air filtering technology.  This ensures that you breathe only clean and dust and mites free air indoors while the machine works hard.  It comes with latest technology dust filters, anti Acadian filters and a dynamic carbon air filtering system.  The following features will stun anyone who has used conventional air conditioners;

  • Directional air conditioning.
  • Thermostat controlled anti-freezing technology.
  • Intelligent movement sensors.
  • Intelligent cooling.
  • Air quality sensors.
  • Wi-Fi enabled remote control which works even on Android phones.
  • Remote with backlighting for ease of operating even in darkness.
  • The indoor blower unit has a visible LED display, which indicates temperature as well as on/off timer.
  • Memory backed auto-start and auto-off features for ease of operation.
  • Hydrophilic evaporator blue cooling fins.
  • Pure copper condenser tubing of blue fins for better performance.
  • Auto-cleanable display panels.
  • A full 5-year compressor replacement warranty.
  • One year complete product replacement guarantee.

Summary Latest Air Conditioner by BlueStar:

The product comes with free installation instructions and has a 24X7 product support call center.  Installation support is available by registering the new product on 18002091177 which is open round the clock 7 days a week.  All you need to do is to call and inform the date of purchase, model number, invoice number and service code.  The advanced features that these air conditioners Latest Air Conditioner come with are just unbelievable and awesome.  Unlike all other air conditioners which can sense temperatures only around the indoor blower unit, Blue Star machines sense the temperature in the whole room.  This helps in maintaining even temperatures all over the room.  This feature is sheer awesomeness and never before in any air conditioner in the country.  This is because of an Unbelievable technology, which incorporates temperature sensors in the Remote Controller.  This helps the Blue Star Air Conditioner to sense the temperature around the user or occupants in the room.  This is a rare technology that no other air conditioner has come out with and is a unique technology of Blue Star.

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