Floor Standing Air conditioners

Samsung Air Conditioner – Feel of Cool and Comfortable Oasis at The Comfort of Your House

Samsung Air Conditioner – Feel of Cool and Comfortable Oasis in The Comfort of Your House:

Samsung is a brand name for many different kinds of products like a smartphone, air conditioners, Televisions, refrigerators and many more things.

All the products released by Samsung have got trust in the market and that is because of the way their products have performed in the market from past so many years.

In fact, if you have a look at the reviews about the products from Samsung, then the problems are actually negligible.

Samsung Air Conditioner is one of the most popular devices from Samsung.

Air Conditioners are one of the common electronic devices that you will be able to find at the house of many people.

An air conditioner can be called as one of the greatest inventions done by human beings.

You will be able to beat the heat and the humid climate with the help of these air conditioners.

Most Efficient And Innovative

When it comes to Samsung Air Conditioners, you can consider them as the most efficient and innovative air conditions in the market.

The reason why these are called the most efficient ones are, the components used in manufactured they are treated with antibacterial formula and hence the air conditioners are cooler and cleaner as well.

Above all, the best thing about this brand is you will see that they last for a very long period. Samsung AC Service Center Vadodara can help you in the maintenance of the air conditioners if you are facing any kind of problem with them.

Types of Air Conditioners Samsung Offers:

Basically, you will be able to divide the Samsung air conditioners into different categories like

  • Floor Standing Air conditioners.
  • Room Air Conditioners.
  • Window Air conditioners.
  • Split Air Conditioners.
  • Central Air Conditioners.

Samsung Floor Standing Air conditioners:

When you are installing an air conditioner at home, then there will be many things that you need to take care of like the space, where you will be able to install a window air conditioner, a split air conditioner or whether you want to go for a Central Air conditioner.

But sometimes, you may not have an option to install them in the house if you are living in a rented house.

There can be certain conditions of the landlord.

If you think that you are not going to stay in a single place for a long time, then why waste on installation and un-installation of the air conditioners, and then Floor Standing Air conditioners can be the right choice for you.

Samsung Floor Standing Air conditioners

You will be able to carry your air conditioner easily from one place to another without any kind of problem.

Isn’t that an interesting thing? So, you should try them if you liked the design and details of the product.

AF9000 Floor-standing AC With Digital Inverter Technology, 28000 BTU/h

Samsung AC With Digital Inverter Technology

It is one of the best and most popular Floors standing Air conditioner from Samsung.

The design of the air conditioner is really attractive and you are going to love it for sure.

This can become a decor in your house, so choose something that matches with the existing decor in your house.

Features of Samsung Floor Standing Air conditioner:

Three Whirlwind FansYou have three very powerful air flows in the air conditioner which are going to help in faster cooling of the entire room or house.

Doctor Virus You have the best and most amazing technology used in this Samsung air conditioner Virus Doctor. Whatever harmful contaminants are present in the air will be purified and will turn into water vapour which is harmless.

Zero FilterAir Cleaneryou will have a magic film filter inside the air conditioner. Even the tiniest dust particles that are present in the air will be filtered using this magnetic film filter and hence you will be able to get clean air. You need not to have to worry about the electricity bill as this is not going to consume too much of the electricity bill. You will also be able to clean the filter with the help of just water.

Dehumidification At It’s Best The humidifier present in the air conditioner is going to help in removing all the bacteria from the air and hence your house is completely safe.

Ice Lighting When you are not using all the three fans, and just switching on one or two independent fans, then a nice and sleek ice light will glow around the fan being used. That is going to make the room look beautiful.

Seven Types Of Air Flow You will be able to enjoy seven different types of airflow in this Samsung air conditioner. That is, you can switch on all the three fans for quick cooling, switch on two fans for cleaning mode, after exercise mode or cooking mode and you can just use one fan for sleeping mode, season change and for a reading mode.

Save A Lot Of EnergyYou have the smart inverter compressor in this Samsung air conditioner and hence you will be able to save a lot of energy. You can use the air conditioner only at the speed that you need and hence you are keeping the energy consumption low.

Stylish And Sleek Design On the other hand, that best part of this Samsung Air conditioner is the latest and sleek design of the air conditioner. It is not going to occupy a lot of space in your house or in any room where you are going to place it. In fact, you will be able to save a lot of space and add a new look to the room wherever it is placed.

Samsung Room Air Conditioners:

Room Air conditioners are those that are installed in the room.

You have different kinds of these room air conditioners like the window air conditioner which are installed in the window of the room, next is the split air conditioners which can be installed at any place in the room and then comes the central air conditioners which are apt when you do not want to get too many air conditioners installed in a single building or house.

Samsung Window Air conditioners:

These window air conditioners are usually installed in the open window space.

All the air present in the interior of the room is cooled with the help of the fan that blows over the evaporator.

At the same time, the heat that is taken from the interior is left out through the other fan that is present in the window air conditioner.

New M Window AC With Turbo Cooling, 24000 BTU/h

Samsung Window AC With Turbo Cooling

Can you imagine a cool and comfortable oasis in the comfort of your own house?

You can with the help of these Samsung Air conditioners.

This is an amazing window air conditioner apt for those who want to get the air conditioner installed to their open window.

Some Interesting Features of Samsung Window Air conditioner:

Silver Coated Technology

If you have a look at the other brands of air conditioners, then you will understand that it is the Samsung which made the first of its kind Silver coated technology in the market for air conditioners.

The evaporator and the filter of the air conditioners are coated with silver, which makes it take only healthy air.

There are so many brands which have not at all used this kind of technology yet.

It also offers good protection to both evaporator and the filter.

Samsung’s Good’s Sleep Mode

Can you imagine having longer and deeper sleep hours for 82% more?

Do you think it is possible to keep your skin in optimum temperature when you are sleeping?

Do you think it is possible to save 30 per cent more energy even when you are using the air conditioner for a longer time?

You have the Good’s sleep mode in the New Samsung Window air conditioners and that is going to say a big YES to all the questions out there.

Powerful And efficient UTR Compressor

You have the most powerful and prompt air conditioner with UTR compressor.

This is going to enhance the life of the air conditioner.

Detachable Chassis

When you are installing any kind of air conditioners, then the main problem is they are really heavy.

When it comes to the Samsung window air conditioner, the best part of it is you will be able to detach the chassis with ease.

So that you can easily install the cabinet which is usually lighter in weight and then you can attach it to the chassis.

Air Direction – Four Ways

The model and design of the Samsung air conditioners are usually compact, but you will be able to see that the air is easily blown in all the directions of the room.

Windows air conditioners blow air in four directions and hence the room gets cool faster.

Control The Ventilation

You can easily adjust the flow or direction of the air in the window air conditioner.

You have the vertical and horizontal louvres.

The vertical louvre is constant, but you can easily adjust the horizontal louvre to the swing continuously or you can also adjust it to a particular direction.

Samsung AW 183KC and Samsung AW 18QKA are the two best models of windows air conditioners from Samsung that you can try.

Samsung Split Air Conditioners:

Split Air conditioners can basically be installed at any place in the room.

You don’t need a free window space for installing it as you need for the window air conditioners.

Split air conditioners will generally have two units – one is the outside unit and the other is the inside unit.

The outside unit is usually installed outside the room or near the room where you are going to get the air conditioner installed.

The indoor unit is installed in the room which you wanted to cool.

Samsung Split Air Conditioners

NEO Inverter Split AC With Multijet Plus Technology 1.5 TR

One of the latest and a beautiful split Air conditioner from Samsung is this one.

Usually, when you have a look at the split air conditioners, you get them in white colour only, plain white.

But nowadays, you have air conditioners in black and a few more colours as well.

Moreover, you will also be able to see that the air conditioners are available with some interesting floral designs on them.

This Samsung air condition model also has an amazing design on it and that is going to enhance the look of your room.

Maybe, you will have to pay a little higher for that design part, but that is going to add beauty to your dull room, then why not spend for it?

Some Interesting Features of Samsung Split Air Conditioner

Digital Inverter Technology

This Samsung Split Air conditioner is having some amazing features unlike other brands and one of them is Digital Inverter technology.

This is going to help you in saving more than 60 per cent energy.

How is that possible is, usually all the other air conditioners shut down the compressor, but this model does not shut it down, rather it is just going to keep the fan low.

Warranty Of 10 Long Years

Samsung has always been manufacturing the best and high-quality air conditioners.

They make sure that all the products made by them are energy saving and highly durable as well.

This Samsung Air conditioner also promises to provide you with a warranty of 10 long years on the compressor.

So the customers can go for it without any worries.

Single User Mode

Just with a click of a button, you will be able to convert the Air conditioner into a single user mode.

When you convert it to this mode, then you will be able to save a lot more energy, added to what you are already saving with a Samsung Air conditioner.

If you are operating in a normal mode, then you will be able to save 16 per cent energy with the Samsung split air conditioner.

But if you are using a single user mode, then you will be able to save 26 per cent of the energy.

That means you are saving 10 per cent more than what you usually do.

Two Step Cooling Process

You will be able to enjoy the two-step cooling process with the help of this Samsung air conditioner.

If you want the faster cooling process, then adjust the blade such that it is directed towards you.

You should also keep the speed to the maximum. If you want the room to be just cool with no shivering, then you should keep the blade in the indirect wind mode before the room gets too cold.

Sleek And Amazing Design

You have an amazing Lilly flower design on the Samsung air conditioner.

This is making the simple and normal air conditioner, look really special and different from what actually it is.

Multi Jet Plus Technology

All the latest and new Samsung Split Air conditioners are having the latest feature called the Multi Jet Plus Technology.

The condensers of these latest technology air conditioners are made really sturdy and strong and that is done by increasing the thickness of the condensers.

It is increased by 36 per cent and hence it will help in cooling faster.

That, in turn, is going to save you more energy.

It has 20 per cent energy saving for 30 per cent faster cooling of the room.

You will be able to get an extra warranty of five years for the condenser.

Smart And Easy Installation

It is very important for you to make sure that the air conditioner is installed properly.

This split air conditioner from Samsung is going to help you in checking the installation process in a very smart way.

That will help you know if the Samsung team has installed the air conditioner in a proper way or not.

You will just have to press one single button.

That button will run a self-check between ODU and IDU and that will revert back to you with the result.

It is going to take hardly seven minutes to 15 minutes for showing the display.

If everything has been installed well, then you get a display of 99 on the IDU screen.

Faster Cooling For 10 Meters Long Distance

The inverter of this Samsung Split air conditioner comes with a special feature of throwing cool air up to 10 meters.

Hence, you can be relaxed that all the corners of the room will be cooled in just no time.

Samsung Central Air Conditioners:

Samsung Central Air Conditioners

You have many interesting models from Samsung central air conditioner.

The air will be treated at the central level and it will be processed from and to every room with the help of fans and the system’s ducts of the air conditioners.

Usually, it is very rarely used in houses as people prefer using split air conditioners at home.

But most of the commercial building like big companies make use of these central air conditioners only.

Samsung’s New 360 Circular Cassette Design:

This is a very interesting and unique design from Samsung.

The design of this central air conditioner from Samsung has been designed in such a way that the air flows in the horizontal direction.

This 360 cassette has a circular airwave and that is going to handle the temperature of the room.

This is done by evenly distributing the air in all directions.

The stylish panel and unique design of this 360 cassette is the highlight of it.

You will also be able to change the flow of the air depending on the requirement.

You have three different kinds of airflow selection – vertical, horizontal flow and separate zone as well.

You will be able to fit it to the ceiling of the room and make sure that it is suited to the design of the room.

What Are The Benefits of Using A Samsung Air Conditioner?

The air conditioner usually conditions the air in such a way that it makes the usual room very comfortable.

The normal room in which you work daily, in which you sleep daily or in which you sit daily is going to become much more comfortable for you.

In fact, the way you can do the work increases and it becomes maximum.

So, you will be able to do the same things in a better way.

Here come some advantages that you are able to enjoy with the Samsung Air conditioner, be it a floor stand air conditioner, window air conditioner, split air conditioner or a central air conditioner.

Human Beings Feel Pretty Comfortable

It is a general and proven fact that when you are able to feel completely comfortable, then you will be able to do that regular thing also in an efficient way.

When the temperature in the room where you work is really high, then will it be the right place to work?

With the help of Samsung air conditioners, you will be able to cool the temperature in the place where you work.

Hence, your mind is also going to relax and you will be able to work with comfort and at a very fast pace as well.

The concentration levels also increase and therefore the quality of the work is enhanced.

Better Health Conditions

The air that you breathe will have a lot of dust and pollutants which can be harsh on your skin and also can cause internal health issues.

With the help of Samsung air conditioners, you will be able to filter the air in the room and hence it completely dust free as well.

When the environment in the room becomes so healthy, then you will be able to enjoy better health as well.

You will be able to keep many health issues at bay.

Reduces Heat Strokes And Dehydration As Well

When you are working in conditions where there is too much heat, then there are more chances of heat stroke.

Getting too much exposure to heat for a longer time can be really dangerous and can cause heat stroke and dehydration as well.

Dehydration and heat stroke, both are proven to be very dangerous when not treated in the right way.

With the help of Samsung air conditioners, you will be able to get the best working conditions and temperature.

You need not to have to expose yourself to too much heat.

One Of The Top Brands

Above all the advantages that you will be able to enjoy with the help of these air conditioners is this is a top brand.

Yes, this is one of the most popular and top brands available in the market.

Apart from that, this brand Samsung always works for quality and energy efficient electronic devices.

This device is also one of those and it has been successful in giving some top models of air conditioners with the best features which not many brands are able to provide.

Like silver coated filters is one of the best features that you have ever seen in any other brand.

There are many more such interesting features offered by just Samsung.

You will be able to find many different models and designs in each variety of air conditioner from Samsung.

The pricing is also very genuine.

You will pay for what you are getting exactly. So, just go for it. Try Samsung Air conditioners today.

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