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Precision Air Conditioning System – its Types, Features and Benefits

Precision Air Conditioning System:

Type of air condition usually associated with server rooms or data centres. Where the temperatures and the humidity of air shall be controlled and automatically updated to be kept within a certain range. Such systems apply particle filtration in the space to keep the inner room, isolated and suitable for 24/7 high-performance servers’ operation, sometimes, on their maximum performance. Precision air conditioning systems have an automatic ability, based on configuration, to change the level of humidity and control the level of cooling of the air inside based on the current situation and the current needs. They have alerts when configuration inside the room goes out of the defined limited preconfigured range.


General Structures:

Two Types Are Known:

Upflow structure:  Throw the air and cool it via the heat exchanger then push it through the room from the top or from the duct systems. This technique used to be implemented for the older installation.

Downflow structure: Throw the air and cool it via the heat exchanger then push it through the bottom of the room and this depends on the design of the floor it was designed and built to handle such configuration.


Default Used Configurations:

Precision air conditioning usually holds the temperature to be between 18-27°C or in other degrees 64-80°F. They hold the level of humidity to be in the range of 40%-60% RH. A different configuration may be applied based on the need and climate in the region.


Market Landscape

The known names in the market when it comes to Precision AC shall include:

  • Airedale Air Conditioning.
  • Black Box Network Services.
  • Data Aire.
  • Delta Power Solutions.
  • Emerson Network Power.
  • Schneider Electric.

Some other promising companies include:

Those names shall have huge competition in the coming years as the growth of this market.


Market Growth:

The Precision air conditioning is expected to have growth of around 6.09 billion $ by 2023 for many reasons

  • The increase in the competition between data centres and the growing demands for higher computing power.
  • The increase in the competition between Precision air conditioning suppliers as shown above.
  • The release of new regulations affecting the structure and standards of some Precision air conditioning
  • Cloud storage and data centres and their significant new demands.
  • The new desired characteristics as defined by new research for the data centres.


Precision Air Conditioning Growth Analysis:

The Precision air conditioning is associated with the following sections with a positive scale of the growth direction. This shall address the growth in all associated and related markets to drive the growth of this industry.

Research Analysis:

There are many attempts to generate prevention from heat escape that reduce unnecessary loss and try to optimize the technology used to make machining to release the cooled lubricant emissions directly saving them in different lines of production.

Some new concepts like dry machining may arise in applied implementations of the AC in order to diffuse the emission and the waste of heat.

Production Analysis:

Liquid technologies researched to be used to enhance the production and coping with the future need for the demands of the data centres.

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance gain are expected to be around 11.5% as a compound annual growth rate from 2016 to 2023 if these productions have low turnaround time between the production and the implementation or installation in the production line.

Many cloud storages and IT companies take a strong share in handling the banking and financial institute’s business.

Managed Service

It’s defined as the process of outsourcing on the quick way the management that handles the operation and handler for a user on demands.

The user demands the managed service from the server as the managed server.

The world is moving rapidly in this area going for more customized and well-handled service.

Examples in the IT section may be information technology managed services ISP.

Another critical area is the telecom industry and the increasing number of Android and iOS demands on their own carriers, and servers which demand more computing and more heat which is turning demand higher and higher cooling demands.

The market segment for this category is expected to have more than 20% compound annual growth rate in the next years from 2016 to 2023.

The data centre related to this category shall grow and it’s expected to rise from around 140 Billion USD in 2016 to more than 240 Billion USD by 2021 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of more than 10% during this period.

The above-mentioned number shall be sensible if you consider the critical nature of third applications running and the amount of loss that may occur if any of this software or hardware installation to have damaged or power problems which may yield great loss of money due to the unavailability time.

Data Center, Power Market Analysis:

The market associated with the power supply for the data centres and the cooling for it.

With the increasing demand and the significant amount of risk of power problems and expected new standards, the market for the power may be witness growth.

Major vendors in this category include ABB, Delta Electronics, Emerson Network Power, GE Industries Solutions, and Schneider Electric.

The data centre related to this category shall grow  and it’s expected to rise from around 13 Billion USD in 2016 to more than 21 Billion USD by 2021 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of more than 9% during this period

Cooling Equipment Market Analysis:

With the change of required demands, the development of new standards, and the increasing need for cooling for the data centres to deal with the increasing demand of the heat generated, the market for manufacture the cooling equipment and AC hardware is rapidly changing.

The manufacture of different cooling devices, chilling units, cooling units, liquid cooling devices, thermostat, control unit, etc. has taken a strong curve and is making a huge growth and is expected to scale with the different need from different categories of data centres.

The data centre related to this category shall grow and it’s expected to rise from around 7 Billion USD in 2016 to more than 14 Billion USD by 2021 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of more than 14

Data market analysis:

The market related to data processing and analysis, including data governance, integration, visualization, processing and high-end computing.

This shall have different vendors from different categories and is expected to have more growth with the increasing demand for data in many different fields.

This shall scale significantly with the current scale of online service and the associated increase of their users.

The data centre related to this category shall grow and it’s expected to rise from around 1 Billion USD in 2016 to more than 3 Billion USD by 2021 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of more than 25% during this period.

Liquid Cooling Market Analysis:

Even the initial cost to install or have the liquid cooling is higher compared to the air flow cooling traditional systems, the increasing and significant demand on scaling demand it much stronger than any traditional technique due to its ability to produce good results when it comes to huge heat associated with a large amount of heat.

Even with the fact the technician witness of data centre hydrophobia where they feel the existence of water in the inner space, the liquid technologies shall be of great importance to the next generation of a data centre, especially when it comes to the environment and green technologies, given the increasing demand of heat as well.

eBay is using the hyperspace data centre designed by Dell based on liquid cooling technology, showed significant results in terms of energy saving and efficiency.

The data centre related to this category shall grow and it’s expected to rise from around 25 Billion USD in 2016 to more than 78 Billion USD by 2021 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of more than 24% during this period.

Data Discovery Market Analysis:

All tools and software/hardware needed for decision making for Bi exploration or for mark analysis and cost optimization along with risk management applications used by different clients and have different scopes that assess the decision for many enterprises in many fields like financial decisions, ongoing data discovery and market value estimation where the tool depend on many inputs and require the need for expensive computational power.

The data centre related to this category shall grow and it’s expected to rise from around 4 Billion USD in 2016 to more than 10 Billion USD by 2021 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of more than 19% during this period.

High Computing Market Analysis:

The market related to high performance related computing.

This shall have different vendors, including the cloud distribution and the underlying HP for services and the government analytical tools.

Many entities reply to high computing service and power on their own work or business, they can use it as a remote server.

There is a significant increase in this area and expected to grow significantly.

The data centre related to this category shall grow and it’s expected to rise from around 25 Billion USD in 2016 to more than 78 Billion USD by 2021 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of more than 24% during this period.

From all above, there is a clear indication of the huge growth in the precise air conditioning systems in the period 2016 – 2021 with an estimated significant growth of 9.47%.


Factors to affect future growth of Air Conditioning Systems:

Below is a list of some factors that may be handled in future updates of the manufacture of air conditioning.

The lifespan of Upgraded Servers:

When the cold room is cold enough, its important question to determine the needed thermal temperate needed for the room to be kept in order to preserve the capacity of the computing being done even with the max peak being utilized.

Still, there is an important factor to consider.

Would lowering the temperature beyond a certain level would affect the servers?

The answer shall be at least affecting its lifetime or lifespan, so it would degrade and witness degradation in performance over a shorter time than expected.

This shall be an important factor when adding a new server to the room.

Not only needed to know the allowed or available temperature needed for the AC to operate correctly, rather know the best and most working temperatures.

Mixture Of Many Servers With Different Specs:

When having multiple servers, each having its own lifespan and would have one of them working at max capacity while another acting at a slower rate for different designed purposes.

Would we neglect this fact? Or we would somehow use this?

When designing efficient Precision air conditioning system the average of such measurement shall be calculated and mathematically formulated with other needed requirements for the cooling and for the data centre in order to produce the most suitable temperature.

This degree shall be updated according to the number and the servers being utilized and being running and based on the strength of the performance and time of being utilized.

All such measurements would help to automatically adjust the room thermal temperature during running the servers to a degree that is safe for all and optimized to save energy and prevent any loss of heat or power.

Energy Saving:

This is an important factor given new attempts to get out of American law to save energy and apply new regulations to the HVAC systems associated with new building within US territory.

The energy associated with the running power for the Precision air conditioning system shall be of great importance, given the fact it would be using other sources of fuel and power on a high scale that would increase the cost of the manufacture of the building and the cost for the production as a whole.

The government would lose much-wasted power and energy in general following such practice which is not meant by these new regulations.

There are many cases and factors to consider, running the cooling unit, the programmable control and the flow of air.

The motors are responsible for all of these and the ability to use them efficiently in an optimized way to reduce power consumption.

  • One strategy would be relying on more energy saving equipment for the air conditioning AC system.
  • Another would better management with associated servers as stated above. eBay carried out a trial on setting drivers for the fans associated with the room’s servers and this yield better energy saving for the room handling the ultrasonic humidification.
  • Having the servers installed facing each other as front to front. Same for back to back as the air flow goes from the back of the server so the front ones facing each other would not be affected, while the back to back orientation shall be oriented to reduce the energy and loss of heat and power.
  • Additional research shall be taken to enhance the positioning of servers to reduce the loss. Row to row is common practice, but new attempts shall be taken to enhance the air flow in the room.
  • Adding the CarnotJet System to the cooling AC system shall reduce the power consumption greatly through some folds operations to the desired level.
  • Containment / Enclosures or the physical barrier along with the cold pushed air and hot exhaust returned. This is well studied in future orientation can grow the power consumption until good levels, generating a reduction in fans to more than 20% reducing power by 20%. BNY Mellon and RagingWire carried out this regulation of the higher chilled water system and yield to more energy saving.


Safety Measurements Of Air Conditioning Systems:

It’s an important process to make the air conditioning system as safe as possible.

Automatic alerts shall be configured and the AC system shall have a standardized way to be integrated with any safety configuration.

New enhanced measurement shall be taken into account to allow using an already existing resource in case of the safety problem like a fire; a new enhanced system shall make use of any existing water in such situation.

Additionally, regular checks shall be set for a technician working in such rooms in order to check if any, medical problem may occur of the modified air conditioning system and this shall be a standardized process for technicians to resume work in such environment.

Power demand shall be a problem with the increasing demand for the servers and possibly install new ones.

So the AC system shall have a separate control to isolate itself from the surrounding area when such configurations occur.

Another point of concern would be the interference of signals being around wireless or hotspot that may conflict with the air conditioning system or the associated sensors integrated with it yielding either wrong actions or not receiving alerts readings in the needed time.

The new standard shall have separate rooms and frequencies even as an alternative option to communicate with their component away from any possible interference.

Reset scenario to shut down everything shall be more scalable to different customs and different configurations and cases.


Water Chill Part Of The AC System:

Some techniques can be researched and adopted as new regulations in the new equipment.

  • Using the evaporative chill out of the cooling unit pushed out of the cooling tower to reproduce it again as chilled water into the AC system again and this would reduce the chiller consumption and energy as well.
  • Checking the climate zone for the installed air conditioning system since the evaporative chill would function at degree 55°F for 3,000 hours, which may be the climate for most of the time in certain climate zone.
  • The design of physical space in a way to allow possible use of water cooling technologies.


Air Side Part Of The AC System:

The ability to make sure of the air outside and utilize this to push the outside air going outside the room inside the room again if the air outside is below certain degree this would reduce the energy and the whole cycle of the air conditioning system, rather it would make additional overhead on the process of filtering such air to make sure it’s matching the requirement.

The ability to programmability check the air thermal temperature of the outside air and if possible check the factors of humidity and make the decision to allow such feature to be added to the cycle or not may be of great importance to the new regulations of the data centres AC system.


Efficiency Is Not The Only Factor:

Efficiency shall not be the only factor when the design for the air conditioning system for large-scale usage.

The environment can be an important factor when dealing with large-scale enterprises, including most of the data centres that contain a huge number of servers.

They can’t simply ignore the environment under the goal of better production or profit.

The emission of carbon dioxide out the air conditioning system can be a problem when we talk about healthy or green technology.

New standard and regulations set by the US Department of energy handled and took clear steps to make the future building greener in their aim to reduce energy.

Future measurement shall be taken when building or updating an existing data centre to make the underlying precise air conditioning system greener and less effective to the surrounding environment.

The government shall encourage such direction by offering tax reductions for clients who tend to use green energy solution more than the others.

For the manufacture suppliers, solutions shall be taken to address the emission and the waste leaving the server room to be modified before leaving out to the outside air.

The Even such operation shall be costly and not desired, thus a law or standard shall be implemented to make the equipment for the precise air conditioning systems environment green and reduce any pollution that may occur because of the scale of such systems or equipment.

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