Voice Controlled Air Conditioners By LG

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Voice Controlled Air Conditioners By LG:

Lg Air Conditioner

When you have a look at the climate conditions outside the house, then you will be able to understand that the temperature is shooting up in the sky.

It can be very dangerous for your health if you are exposing yourself too much to heat.

So, beat the heat outside, you need to install an air conditioner in your house or the place you work.

One of the best brands which use the latest Air Conditioner Technology is LG.

You will be able to find many different models from LG, which are energy efficient and will also give you good cooling effect to the room.

Air Conditioners – Not A Luxury Anymore

There was a time when you were able to find the air conditioners only in the houses of a very few people.

But now, you will be able to see them in almost all the houses.

This is not a luxury anymore.

In fact, it is essential that everyone needs these days due to the hot climatic conditions.

There is a lot more than a cooling effect that you will be able to enjoy with these LG air conditioners on a very hot day.

Along with that, you have the AC Service Center in Vadodara which can help you in maintaining the air conditioners.

Always Choose An AC WITH A Lot Of Care

When you are choosing an air conditioner, then there will be a lot of things that you need to consider.

If you are not keeping these points in mind and neglecting them, then you will have to face a lot of problems.

So, you will have to check certain things in the house and then proceed to buy an air conditioner.

  • Something that fits your room.
  • A light that is coming into your room.
  • Climate conditions outside the room.
  • The size of your room windows.
  • The direction of your room windows.
  • The number of floors above your house.
  • The number of people living in that room.
  • How many lights do you use in that room?
  • The computers that are used in the room.

All these may sound a bit complicated, but it is not as complicated as it actually sounds to you.

A little hard work from your end can help you in finding the right air conditioner at the best price.

Beat The Heat – Here Is How To Select The Right Kind Of Air Conditioner For Your Home

Generally, you go for an air conditioner when the climate is hot outside.

That is true, but you should not go for buying them in the summer, rather you should just use them in summer.

The best time to buy an air conditioner would be in winter or rainy season.

You will be able to buy them at the best price. In fact, one interesting point about an air conditioner is you will be able to use them in the winter also to keep the room warm.

Yes, these are air conditioners and not air cooler. So, you can use it in either way.

So Many Choices To Select From

Whether you want to buy a new air conditioner or you are planning to get the old one updated, you have so many options to choose from.

You can go for a room air conditioner or you can choose to go for a central air conditioner, or you can go for something in between these two like a standalone air conditioner.

It all depends on your budget and what kind of air conditioner you are actually looking for.

Room Air Conditioners

When it comes to the room air conditioners you have:

  • Window air conditioner.
  • Through the wall air conditioner.
  • Free Standing air conditioner.
  • Mini Split unit air conditioner.
  • Mini-duct unit air conditioner.
  • Central air conditioner.
  • Split air conditioner.

Window Air Conditioner


This is basically a small air conditioner which is fitted to the window of your house.

Usually, they will be better fitted to the double hung windows, but sometimes you will be able to find an air conditioner for the casement window type as well.

You should be choosing an air conditioner that best suits that type of window that you are having.

You will also be having a window air conditioner fitting kit and using that it will help in fitting it in the right way without air passing through any gaps.

  • Advantages: You can buy one for each room and you will be able to manage the temperature of each room according to your choice like a different temperature for kids’ room, for adults’ room and other rooms as well. As the price is low compared to other models you can buy more than one. You will be able to uninstall with ease when not in use.

  • Disadvantage: You will not be able to use your window at all, even when the air conditioner is not on. You will have to uninstall it when you are not using it.

Through The Wall Air Conditioner


This is also very much similar to a window air conditioner which is usually fitted to the window of the house; this is fitted to the wall.

You will just be able to cool one room with the help of this through the wall air conditioner as well.

But the only difference between the window air conditioner and the through the wall air conditioner is you will be able to install and uninstall the window air conditioner when required.

You will not be able to do that with the through the wall air conditioner. It is fitted permanently.

  • Advantages: You will have to keep your window closed for a long time. You will be fitting this air conditioner on the wall.

  • Disadvantages: You will not be able to fit this air conditioner in a pre-constructed room. That means you will have to make sure that the electric wires or, no pipelines are present in that area because you will have to make way for the air conditioner fitting by breaking the wall.

Free Standing Air Conditioner


You will generally find a free-standing air conditioner which can be portable to any room in the house.

You don’t have to think of fitting in which room because you can move it according to your choice.

The free-standing air conditioner is usually 30 inches height and the weight would be around eight pounds.

You will be able to find double panel air conditioners and single panel as well.

You will be able to see that this kind of air conditioner will help in making the cooler faster.

They keep the room cooler for a long time as well.

  • Advantages: the best advantage of this of an air conditioner is you will be able to move the air conditioner from one room to another room with ease. That means you need not have to mount it on the wall or on the window. They are left free and the air moves from one place to another place with ease.

  • Disadvantage: The only disadvantage that you will have to face using this kind of air conditioner is you will have to pay high. They are a bit expensive when compared to the other types of air conditioners. Else, you just have the advantages to enjoy with it.

Mini Split Unit Air Conditioner


This kind of air conditioner is something combination of a split air conditioner and the window air conditioner.

This is a small unit which can cost you something in between the price of these two and is ideal for smaller rooms.

You will install the indoor unit inside and the outdoor unit outside.

  • Advantages: This is a small unit and can be fitted at any place with ease. You will be able to buy this kind of air conditioners when you are planning to add an extra room to the existing house which has already got another kind of air conditioning like central air conditioning.

  • Disadvantages: They are small in size which suits for just small rooms, but they more costly than the window air conditioners.

Central Air Conditioner


Apart from being one of the best and more efficient air conditioners, you will be able to use just one single one for all the rooms or the entire building.

You will not have any kind of noise, which is usually seen in the window air conditioners.

  • Advantages: It is a single pack and you don’t need any kind extra work for it.

  • Disadvantages: You will find them more expensive and it also takes a lot of time for installation. You need to get them done by experts.

Split Air Conditioner


This is an air conditioner which is very commonly used in houses, small offices and most of the places.

You will have to get the indoor unit mounted on the wall of the room where you are going to use it.

The outdoor unit is usually mounted outside the same room or nearby where the air will be passed out with ease.

The compressor has to place in a place where there is shade and clean place.

  • Advantages: One of the best types of air conditioners that is used by many people. Installation does not take too much of the time. If your house is already having good roofing or ceiling, then you need not have worried at all, this is going to be the best choice.

  • Disadvantages: This is a bit more expensive than the window air conditioner or the mini split air conditioners, but you will have it worth every penny that you are spending it.

Now, since you have complete knowledge about what are the different types of air conditioners available in the market for LG brand, you can pick up one that suits you.

You also have information about the advantages and disadvantages of buying them.

You can check them thoroughly and make sure that which is going to be the best one for your house and also according to your budget as well.

Choosing The Right Model Of AN Air Conditioner Simplified Here for you

Are you looking for the best and right air conditioning models from LG? It can be a bit confusing task of choosing air conditioning for the home or small offices.

Generally, in the huge offices, you will be able to find centralized air conditioning systems.

There is no tension about what design or model to choose, as there is nothing visible.

But for a home, you will have to make sure you buy the right model which looks perfect and energy efficient as well.

Sheer Volume Of Models To Select From


When you have a look at the air conditioner models from LG, then you will be surprised to see the complete list of models that they have.

You will not be able to make a decision on which one to choose.

Sometimes, you get to hear from many people that almost all the air conditioners are the same and you need not to have to think too much. That is just a myth.

When everything is the same, then why would you have so many models to choose from.

There are many factors that differentiate one model from the other.

You will find that these air conditioners are just a boon during the summer season when the air is literally hot and you will not be able to bear the heat.

When it is night, then it sometimes gets difficult even to breathe and hence you will have to choose the best models which can help you relax.

The air conditioner that you choose should be perfect for your room size and should be able to remove the humidity in the room and flush out the heat in the room.

Whether it is a free-standing portable air conditioner or you are going for a centralized air conditioner, here are a few things that you need to check for choosing the right model of an air conditioner for LG.

Measure The Room Size

The first thing that you must be doing is measuring the size of the room.

Yes, before you have a look at any model of air conditioners; it is good that you know the size of the room.

Usually, different models of air conditioners are made to suit different sizes of rooms.

So, having this size information when you visit the store can be an advantage.

You will be able to find which is going to be best for that size and concentrate only on those models, rather than wasting time on all the models present in the store.

That is going to save some time for you.

Check The Reviews Online

All the points that are stated here are something that has to be done at home.

The second step that you need to follow is checking the reviews of all the models online.

You will be able to get the best reviews and best answers to all your questions when you start searching for the air conditioner models online.

There will be a lot of information provided by the brand and a lot more information provided by the people who are already using them.

So, what else would you need to know about the air conditioner?

It is the user of the air conditioner who is providing the information and you get all genuine information for sure.

What Is Your Need?

After you are done with checking the reviews and measuring the size of the room, you should now check the details like where you are going to fix the air conditioner.

Whether you are going to use it in your house or you are going to use it in your workplace or anywhere else.

The model that you should be selected will depend on these factors only.

So, make sure that you are choosing the right one based on the details that you gathered about your requirement.

So, now buying an air conditioner will not be an overwhelming task at all as you will be considering all the three points and then deciding it.

You just need to spend some time at home and then carry on the same at the store as well.

You will be able to choose the best model possible for your house.

LG’s Latest Voice Enabled Air Conditioner


There was a time when you just had to operate the air conditioner with the buttons and knobs fixed to the air conditioner.

But later the technology enhancements have changed it and you got remote controls.

You were able to operate the air conditioners without having to touch the air conditioner every time you want to change the settings of it.

But now LG has come up with something more innovative and useful for their customers.

You will now be able to operate the air conditioner with just your voice.

You can just shout at your air conditioner if you think that the room is too cool for you or too hot for you.

That is going to adjust the temperature based on your instructions.

Isn’t that interesting?

You should try them for sure and you are going to love it for sure.


Operate From A Distance Of 16 Feet

You need not to have to be in the same room to operate the air conditioner.

You will be able to operate the air conditioner from a distance of up to 16 feet.

You don’t need to use any remote; you don’t need any button, not even your smartphone or apps on them.

It is just your command that is going to control the air conditioner.

You have so many voice commands to use with these air conditioners like:

  • Power On.
  • Power off.
  • Temperature adjustment.
  • The strength of the wind as well.

Best Power Saving

When you are having so many latest features in this air conditioner which is controlled by voice, then you must be thinking that it is going to consume a lot of power.

That is not true at all.

You will be able to save up to 72 per cent of the power and that is the best part of these air conditioners.

NFC Chip Operated

This free standing air conditioner which is voice controlled has an NFC chip installed in it.

That means you will be able to download the apps that are required for the LG air conditioner and then operate it with the help of those apps.

That means you don’t need a remote for operating it, rather a smartphone which is always in your hands can be turned into a remote.

So, it is now time for you to try this air conditioner which is going to listen to your demands as and when you yell at them.

Benefits Of Using The LG Air Conditioners

When you are buying an air conditioner, then you compare it with many other designs, models, and brands and price as well.

So, when you are choosing LG as the right brand for your needs, then what are the advantages that you will be able to enjoy with it is something that you need to know.

Easy To Maintain

When you are going for LG air conditioners, one of the best things that you find about them is they are pretty easy to maintain.

You will have washable filters which can be easily done by you if you see it for one or two times.

Installation Is Easy

Except for the centralized air conditioners, you will not find that the installation process is tough.

It is very easy to install them and you will then do in just one hour.

Smooth And Silent Running

There are so many air conditioners which make a lot of noise when they are being operated and you will not have any such problem with this LG air conditioner.

You will feel them smooth and silent. You will be able to enjoy that comfort of the air conditioners in a cool room.

Energy Efficient

LG understands the demands of the customers and they will make sure that the air conditioners that they are making are all energy efficient and hence they are saving some energy.

Your power bills will be reduced and you can save some money as well.

Appealing And Sleek Designs

You have so many designs and models to choose from and that is why this brand LG is chosen by many people.

You will have some beautiful designed AC from LG.

You have separate designs for home, office and other locations.

You can choose some beautiful designs for your beautiful house and make it more beautiful.

Easy To Operate

Operating an air conditioner has to be simple always and anyone should be able to operate it.

The designs and models are all simple to operate and come to the voice-operated designs, you will be able to operate with just your voice.

What more should you look for before you buy an air conditioner?

All the information that can be really useful is available to you and you just need to go for it. So, just go for it. Contact Atlas Aircon for LG AC repair and installation service in Vadodara!

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