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Most Common Air Conditioner Problems Require Repair

The summer months are not the time to suffer from common AC issues within Vadodara, Gujarat. Although we may not be the acridest place on the planet, Vadodara has its fair amount of summer weather. In this article, we’ll provide information on the most frequent AC issues that could need to be addressed by an expert. If you observe the most common air conditioner problems within your air conditioner it is possible to call Atlas Aircon, to get it examined.

4 Most Common Air Conditioner Problems


Lower Refrigerant


In the event that you find that your AC unit is not getting enough coolant, you’ll feel warm air coming out of the unit. If this occurs it could lead to a chain reaction that could result in your coil as well as other components in your unit freezing and then failure.

Making contact with Atlas Aircon for your AC repairs in Vadodara and preventative maintenance can alleviate the stress and hassle. Our experts suggest that you must have your coolant checked and you’re cleaning of the system at a minimum each year.

A low refrigerant level could mean that your system is suffering from leaks, which are the most frequently encountered air conditioner malfunction that is experienced by homeowners. The leak should be repaired promptly prior to any additional coolant being needed to stop dangerous gas from escaping into the atmosphere.

If your machine is 8 years old or older, it could have issues because of loose fittings that result in leaks. If you suspect your coolant is low Contact us today.

Motor Starter Primary


The motor starter that is the primary component of your AC system could fail or develop an issue, which can cause the system to not turn on when you switch it on from your thermostat. Motor starters work similarly to a gas car engine.

When you turn on your air conditioner by the thermostat triggers a switch that brings the points together to deliver electric current through the system.

As you could already see the points that have to be shut and open a lot during the year, which could easily cause burning and pitting. Our experts will help you make sure your system is up and up and running in no time.

A simple and easy tip for maintenance is to examine the condition of your primary motor starter every time you have a service completed.

If your device begins to look burned, pitted or soiled it is recommended to replace it.

Motor Controller Secondary


A second motor controller within an AC controls the voltage by your electrical source to your HVAC system, which includes the fan motor that is located outside as well as your compressor. If the system is damaged the individual components could cost you a significant amount to repair.

If the motor controller in your secondary is not working or working properly, it’s vital for you to contact us immediately before more damage occurs.

A malfunctioning controller could cause an insufficient amount of voltage to flow into your system, which can lead to a malfunction. It is vital to choose a reliable air conditioner repair service that can address the most critical issues such as this one with care.

In the event that you get your AC repaired in a timely manner can prevent further failures, or even cost ongoing repairs later on.

Compressor Not Working Properly


A malfunctioning compressor in your AC unit can be one of the most expensive costs of most common AC problems. If it is not taken care of properly the possibility of failure is high and leads to the replacement of this crucial component.

It is possible to say that a compressor acts as the heart of your AC. It pumps the coolant from outside through coils and pumps cold air through the system.

Our experts can help you inquire regarding preventive maintenance plans. By joining these service programs, you could aid in saving the cost of small repairs to an AC unit that is failing or a compressor.

Research has shown that poor airflow and inadequate installation are among the most prevalent air conditioner issues that could result in compressor failure.



No matter where you reside regardless of where you live in Vadodara, Gujarat, you should have periodic or annual AC repair and maintenance when necessary. A few of the most commonly needed AC repairs are those which we have covered on this site.

The most frequent instances of AC failure are in the hot days in summer because of the most common HVAC problems concerning your unit’s dirty blower fan, coils, or any other malfunctioning parts.

Maintenance should include cleaning the coil as well as the intake system outside. By doing this, you can prevent common air conditioner problems with your air conditioner that can occur at all.

Call your nearest AC repair service in Ahmedabad if you require a professional to look the time to look.

If you’re looking to save money on regular repairs, it’s high time to get in touch with Atlas Aircon today.

We have a group of certified HVAC experts who can arrange an annual maintenance check to help you identify and address any major or minor issues the unit might be experiencing.

It is essential to address these issues before they become an even bigger and more costly problem.

We know that a damaged air conditioning unit can be the most frustrating thing for your family and you during the summer heat. We offer 24 hours of service to ensure the best in comfort and convenience.

Are you looking to have your AC examined? Contact us by dialing +91-9727257141 or one of our HVAC experts will address all your issues within a matter of minutes.

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